Student newspaper of Kirkwood High School.

Sean Campbell and Eisbrecher

By Ben Kothe

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Massive guitar riffs, heart-pounding drum beats and grating German sung in a powerful baritone is the standard of German metal music. For Sean Campbell, nothing sounds sweeter.Campbell, senior, enjoys the music primarily because of his passion for German.

“Half of the reason I listen to it is because it’s in German.” Campbell said. “I probably wouldn’t listen to it if it was in English.”

Since he began studying the language in eighth grade, Campbell developed an interest in German, and will continue to study the language next year at the University of Missouri.  Since he can understand the lyrics, Campbell believes listening to German bands like Rammstein and Eisbrecher helped him to become better acquainted with the language.

“Of the top 25 most played songs on my iTunes account, 11 of those are in German,” Campbell said.

Number six on that list is Eiszeit, by Eisbrecher, Campbell’s favorite German band. Since their beginning in 2003, the band has achieved notable success in their homeland. The band’s name means “Ice Breaker” in English, and the majority of their lyrics are about frigid temperatures, seaworthy exclamations such as “Ahoy!” and various ocean excursions.

While the lyrical material may not sound particularly exciting to many, it’s the music that matters most. Singer Alexander Wesselsky sings with a rich, powerful baritone that could be measured on the Richter scale. He’s backed by lead guitarist and programmer Noel Pix and accompanied by a drummer and bassist during live shows.

The first time he heard Eisbrecher, Campbell was searching for music by another German metal band. iTunes suggested that he might like another band as well. “Eiszeit” was the first song he listened to.

“When I first listened to it, my jaw just dropped.” Campbell said. “It’s now probably my favorite song ever.”

For those feeling adventurous, check out the attached video to hear “Eiszeit” by Eisbrecher.

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Student newspaper of Kirkwood High School.
Sean Campbell and Eisbrecher