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Worth the weight

Rachel Trout, features writer

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Brown hair, blue eyes, and more dedication than most can even imagine. Courtney Sack, senior, started with a weight loss goal of 50 pounds in January of 2011. What started as a picture that Sack snapped of herself ended with the realization of a desire for change.

“I didn’t like what I saw,” Sack said of her 234-pound frame. “I was just so sad with myself.”

One year later and 80 pounds lighter, Sack described how her achievements changed her life.

“I guess [I feel] confident and accomplished,” Sack said. “I’m more outgoing now.”

Her mother, Stephanie Sack, has seen positive changes in her daughter first-hand as a result of her sucesses. Not only has Courtney lost a significant amount of weight, but she continues to lose insecurities along the way.

“I think [Courtney] just feels so much better about herself,” Stephanie said. “She just seems a lot happier.”

According to Courtney, her mother has been one of her biggest supporters by paying for her trainer, providing encouragement and with providing healthy foods.

“I’ve always just encouraged her whenever she didn’t feel like she wanted to work out or whatever,” Stephanie said. “I just encouraged her to go for it.”

Her personal trainer, Greg Moore, whom she visits three times weekly, said it is typical for teenagers to give up on losing weight and it takes a lot of dedication.

“It’s harder to get the dedication with the teenagers because of busy lifestyles and the lousy eating habits,” Moore said. “So [Courtney is] definitely a special case.”

With lack of motivation being one of the biggest aspects of weight-loss failure, Courtney said she stayed motivated with her father’s promise of a new car with the meeting of her 50-pound weight-loss goal. After changing her goal to 100 pounds, Courtney stays dedicated by picturing her before and after pictures on a wall in her gym, Club Fitness, where success stories are displayed.

Moore thought Courtney set herself apart from other teenagers because of her extreme dedication.

“She’s so determined,” Moore said. “She’s like no one else I’ve worked with. She’s just a go getter and a real inspiration in many aspects of life, other than just weight loss.”

For teens desiring to reach their own goals, Moore said the importance lies on sticking with with their aspirations.

“If you’re thinking about doing [losing weight], just do it,” Moore said. “Don’t do tomorrow what you want to do today.”


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  1. anonymous on February 2nd, 2012 2:52 pm

    go courtney!!!

  2. anonymous on February 14th, 2012 5:27 pm

    courtney you’re my inspiration

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Worth the weight