Keeping the streak


photo by Jack Wever

Maisie Bradley, Writer

It has been 70 innings, 140 minutes, and 8,400 seconds since the Freshman boys baseball team has lost a game this season. There players agree that they feel pressure to keep the winning streak, but said they don’t let it affect them during games.  Max Zuniga, freshman captain, said they were only nervous about losing during one game, and even then, they knew they could recover.

“I just let the game play out instead of worrying about keeping the streak,” Tate Howell, freshman captain, said.

During the last two weeks of the season, the team will compete in the Suburban XII South Division Tournament May 2-5 and the Rockwood Tournament May 9-13. According to Matt Gaglio, head coach, there are high hopes for how the team will perform.

“I have no doubt that our team will show up, just like we’ve shown up so far this season,” Gaglio said. “I have high expectations, and I don’t anticipate a disappointment from this team.”

According to Gaglio, the team has grown together through the season, and continues to do so as the season progresses. Howell also feels this connection and accredits it to the success of the team.

“I think the chemistry has really been what’s working,” Howell said. “We all know each other really well and [we’re] able to know what people are going to do before they do it.”

Gaglio said the players have not only grown closer together but more talented as well over the course of the season. According to him, practice really does make perfect.

“As practices and games move forward, each guy gets to know each other and their role on the team,” Gaglio said.  “We learn plays, the correct way to field and hit, and how to execute these things with efficiency.”

According to Zuniga, the 2017 baseball season will likely be different than the 2016 season for JV because of new players from both rising freshman and sophomore classes.

“Next year the chemistry of the team might be different because there could be some freshman on JV which might change the flow of the team,” Zuniga said.

The team is full of unselfish players who never stop playing the game and fighting for runs, even if it is the bottom of the seventh inning, according to Gaglio.

“The main thing that has developed is our sense of a team, and our mission to win or lose together as a team,” Gaglio said. “Whether it’s starting on the mound or fist bumping people as they come in from the field, everyone works together.”