Kriewall photography


Josie Meeks

Abigail Imiolek, Writer

Photographs cover part of the back wall and whiteboard in Randy Kriewall’s classroom, showing students in a variety of activities at KHS. Soccer players shoot for the goal, track runners sprint down the track and swimmers sprint across the pool. Kriewall, math teacher, attends events at KHS from band to tennis to plays to capture the students’ images.

Kriewall started photographing students during his first year of teaching when he took pictures of rowdy students playing in a football game in 1991. Kriewall said the students seemed to calm down the next day, after he put the pictures up in his classroom.

“I decided I was going to try [taking more photographs] to see if it was a fluke or if that [really calmed the students down],” Kriewall said. “Sometimes, people just need attention, and I think that [the students] saw that I was giving them attention.”

Kriewall takes senior pictures and photographs events going on around KHS, including band, plays and sports like basketball. He photographs the basketball players during a photoshoot at the beginning of the year for the team’s website and posters and takes action shots during the games.

“[Kriewall] does a great job as far as what he sees,” Bill Gunn, varsity basketball coach, said. “I think to be a sports photographer you have to have a good vision [and] know what’s coming, and he’s also really good with people.”

Gillian Baker, senior, said Kriewall’s outgoing nature helped her feel comfortable posing for her senior pictures. She asked Kriewall to take her senior pictures because she had him as a math teacher and saw pictures in his classroom.

“I liked that he edits [his photographs] really well,” Baker said. “He makes your eyes much more dramatic and he makes [the posed photograph] look natural.”

Kriewall said he enjoys photography because of the process of learning how to edit photos, as well as learning about other parts of photography like lighting, action and the equipment. He plans to attend a workshop this summer on senior photography to learn more techniques.

“There [are going to be] really talented people there to work on [making photographs] look a certain way and how to get ideas of what to do that’s different from what everybody else is

doing,” Kriewall said.

The workshop will also teach Kriewall about the business aspect of photography, which he might focus on more once he retires from teaching. Currently, Kriewall mostly photographs KHS students. He wants them to have pictures of high school because he only had a couple of grainy pictures from when he played basketball during high school.

“Sometimes [students] do stuff that’s spectacular, but [they] don’t know it’s spectacular,” Kriewall said. “Down the road, I hope that [they] look at some of the pictures and realize that what they did was pretty special.”