Political involvement in and around KHS

Riley Arns, writer

If you didn’t already know, it is primary season for the 2016 presidential race. According to Daniel Kim, this is the time in the elections where people began picking candidates to support.

“[Politics] come up a lot.” Kim said. “Every person, no matter their personality, is at least having a small conversation about politics.”

Kim said it goes further than KHS students talking about politics. KHS also showing who they support with stickers on their cars or wearing shirts with a presidential candidate.

“I have seen a lot of interest in politics and the 2016 election,” Kim said. “ I have mostly seen merchandise for Bernie Sanders around school, but I have also seen a fair amount of Donald Trump supporters.”

According to Phil Cotta, social studies teacher, KHS students have always been interested in politics. This is true for all grade levels and past elections, he said.

“In any one of my classes, if I open up the discussion, [my students] are ready to talk about [politics],” Cotta said. “I have seen this same involvement in past elections as well.”

Cotta said the enthusiasm for politics in the classroom has never changed over the years, but he has seen an increase in involvement when KHS students leave the classroom.

“Looking at past presidential races, Obama hit on the younger generation and social media has also fired it up,” Cotta said. “We are seeing a wave of more political involvement from students and younger people.”

Allison Hubbard, KHS alumnus, went through an election season while at KHS. Hubbard, 19, said she will vote in the upcoming presidential election. She said people were less involved in the previous election.

“Four years ago, it was a lot less dramatic,” Hubbard said. “For the most part if you leaned left you supported Obama and if you leaned right you supported Romney. In this election I am seeing people are more all over the place with who they are supporting.”