The Kirkwood Call

2018-19 Journalism Editors

The Kirkwood Call 2018-19 Editors


Logan Crews, editor in chief

Bridget Killian, editor in chief

Jack Rintoul, editor in chief

  • Oversees and leads TKC process (print, social media and web) and has final decision in all areas


Associate Editor

Maddie Hawes

  • Collaborates with editors on special projects. Emphasis on supporting website development and training of new staff toward beginning of year
  • Reports directly to EICs as assignments and projects approved by EICs
  • Will work with KHTV to help bridge gap between programs



Adler Bowman, web editor

  • Oversees web production cycle while collaborating and reporting to EICs
  • Tracks assignments, deadlines, web posting schedule for every print cycle, oversees web extensions

Emma Lingo and Maddie Meyers, web managing editors

  • Tracks and presents analytics
  • Emphasis on production both self and assisting staff in enhancing traditional print pieces to web

Izzy Colón, technical web editor

  • Manages technical aspects of the website and creates and guides with interactive production
  • SNO Flow: quality control and web constant checking
  • Helps print and social media staff with posting to web and other web-related activities

Audrey Berns, video editor

  • Oversees video assignments and production
  • Will work with KHTV to help bridge gap between programs


Social media

Kylan Lane & Naomi Thomson, social media editors

  • Leads social media staff and cycle
  • Creates and assigns production cycle for TKC four social media
  • Tracks social media deadlines as there will be daily posts on all four sm
  • Shares best social media practices once per cycle, check all social media posts for accuracy

Richard Pfeifer, breaking news editor

  • Reports directly to SM editors


Print editors

Thomas Birmingham, print editor

  • Oversees print production cycle while collaborating and reporting to EICs
  • Helps construct ladder
  • Keeps track of pages during late nights and helps review pages before export

Claire Boysen, print managing editor

  • Tracks print deadlines & leads print story ideas
  • Tracks attendance during copy editing week at lunch
  • In charge of School Board and City Hall meeting schedule and attendance


Section editors

  • All section editors will work with their staff each cycle to produce timely and relevant content; responsible for splitting up staff (if applicable) between print, web and social media platforms and reviewing respective story ideas
  • Compiles or helps manage Best of SNO, Flipboard and assisting managing editors in compiling contest entries

Megan Cleveland, opinions editor

  • Leads Call editorial

Charlotte Heinrich & Ally Ortman, features and in-depth editors

  • Editors will alternate each cycle to take lead on in-depth

Jack Bugée, Parsnip editor

Daniel Kim & Benji Wilton, sports editors

  • Manage sports scores on website
  • TKC Gameday

Annie O’Brien, health & wellness editor

Malcia Greene, entertainment editor

Grace Klebe, news editor



Wolfie Frick, design editor

  • Makes templates for print and focuses on design constants for print and web
  • Reports directly to EICs
  • Design week: helping with spreads & pages at late nights to cover pages with design staff
  • Supports and works with design staff



Sarah Nash and Lizzie Stobbe, art editors

  • Oversees and supports all artists
  • Assigns and tracks art assignments (including art requirements each cycle)
  • Ensures there will be an editorial cartoon for each Call Ed
  • Staffers will design a page minimum one per semester
  • Ensures an artist is in attendance each late night


Photography staff

Kara Rieger, photography editor

Mary Ralston, photography editor

Malayna Vines, photography editor

  • Oversees and supports all photojournalists
  • Assigns and tracks photo assignments including web gallery assignments each cycle
  • Takes lead on photospread
  • Web photo galleries (proper cropping, captioning, etc.)
  • In charge of photo closet and checking out visuals staffers


Copy editors

Brendan Davidson, Liam Jackson, Grace Murphy

  • All copy editors should present 1-2 AP Style lessons per cycle,
  • Fact check and quote check stories
  • Constantly check accuracy of all content including social media, visuals, web and print
  • Assist in headline and design creation
  • Continue to publish content



TJ Kocher, business editor

  • Oversees TKC budget
  • Tracks advertising sales, Patron Program and fundraisers
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Mailings
  • Will revisit ad sales requirements for summer and present in May to new staff

All staff required to sell $??? worth of advertising before the school year begins


Public Relations

Ashley Chiles, public relations editor

Maisie Bradley, public relations editor

Anthony Speech, assistant public relations editor

  • All organization promotional and branding
  • Press releases
  • Contests
  • Organizes any events (middle school nights, Open House, Coffees) in which TKC is visible
  • Organizes distribution day

Pioneer Yearbook 2018-19 Editors

Ericka Loida, Katie Sachs, Anna Stumpf, Editors in Chief

  • Oversees entire process of the 2019 Pioneer process and production
  • Spokesperson for the program


Abby Vatterott, Managing Editor

  • Tracks deadlines
  • Tracks spreads sent; proofs in and out
  • Assists EICs and takes anything off their plate to simplify their life and keep them sane
  • Contest organization and compilation


Claire Cowan, Francie Huisinga, Grace Wojiechowski, Proofs, Concept & People Editors

  • Collaborate with EICs to help develop concept/theme spreads
  • Help edit, correct and submit proofs
  • Organize, gather content and design people section


Staff Editors

Madeline Bartin & Lindsey Locher, Design Editors

  • Organize, set deadlines for and lead the design staff

Ruby Keller, Jonah McDowell, Grace Williams & Charlotte Witt, Writing Editors

  • Organize, set deadlines for and lead the writing staff. Edit all copy.

Kate Broderick, Maggie Peak & Emma Wright, Photography Editors

  • Organize, set deadlines for and lead the photo staff


Section Editors

Anna Carmody, Index

  • Oversees working index throughout the year
  • Design and compiles Index

Sydney Sutter & Matthew Wilton, Reference

  • Designs and compiles Fall, Winter & Spring sports as well as Club Reference sections

Emma Thurman, Senior Tribute

  • Designs and compiles Senior Tribute section
  • Works with business staff


Luke Hubert, Reese Pennington and Natalie Sweesy, Section Managing Editors

  • Collaborate and support section editors
  • Revamp Hit List system to better track coverage and include more students
    • Collect and produce information for sections: extra photos, captions, mods, etc
    • Track section editor deadlines


Business, Strategic Communications & Web

??? , Business Editor

  • Oversees books sales, senior tribute sales, cookie dough fundraiser, Pioneer Angels, promotions, branding

Teddy Ceresia, Social Media Editor

  • Organizes and tracks social media posts for both coverage and promotion

Sarah Thaman, Web

  • Organizes and tracks monthly posting schedule
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2018-19 Journalism Editors