Behind closed doors

Jack Matousek, Writer

It’s 7:25 a.m. on a cold Thursday morning, gust of wind blows across the the parking lot as ten weary looking  freshmen slowly get out of their cars and drag themselves into room West 113, in the English hallway. They are the class officers of the class of 2021, meeting to discuss upcoming fundraisers and events. Class office is the constant and tedious work planning with the reward of helping your grade be the best it can possibly be. Through all this work they can still have fun too creating new friendships and gaining invaluable experience.

“We talk about what we are gonna do next,”  Genevieve Francois, class officer for the class of 2021, said. “What we need to plan and how many people need to volunteer.”

Many class officers joined for various reasons. Some signed up to get involved in school life, while others got involved for a chance to have a leadership role within the school. According to Francois, class office seemed like a good leadership opportunity.

“I wanted to get involved, so I ran and it ended up being a good experience,” Will Blackmore, KHS class of 2021 class officer, said

Even the class sponsors just joined to get involved in school events outside of teaching. Jason Evans, KHS chemistry teacher and first year class of 2021 class sponsor is one of these teachers. He joins the many teachers throughout the school helping students get better at all aspects of life not just the subject he teaches. According to Evans, most students just wanted to get involved when the first ran. Now that the year is wrapping up all of his class officers put in a lot of hard work and really get a lot out of the work they are doing.  

“It’s important to get involved in the school,” Evans said. “There was an opening so I took it. I wanted to get involved, like we always tell the students to do all the time,”

A class sponsor’s job is to help guide the students through the tough process of planning an event such as the annual KHS color run and the Ford test driving event which both raise money for the class of 2021. The sponsors and class principal’s job is help guide but not to do the work for them. According to Jessica Vehlewald, assistant principal the idea is that the teachers are not instructing them to do things instead it is student initiated.

“Students are advocating and acting as representatives for the class,”Jessica  Vehlewald, assistant class principal, said. “I am there as a sounding board, brainstormer and a guide to say This is what we can do, This is what we can’t do. If they need to get information out, contact parents, or people within the school I help them with that,”

Blackmore and Francois said they, along with many other officers,  siad they didn’t know quite what they were getting into when they ran for class office. They have extra work to do and little time to do it. This environment creates a great opportunity for learning experience.

“What I have learned is that you really have to try your best to get things done,” Blackmore said. “I try and get things done that I am doing because it enables you to get other stuff done. I definitely think it’s rewarding,”

Of the original 10, seven officers are returning for an even more challenging sophomore year, according to Evans. Despite the many challenges and hard work required many of the class officers found the work to be fun and rewarding.

“It’s good to know that your grade thinks highly of you and wants you to represent them,” Francois said. “When I see the finsihed project and it’s something I worked hard on and everyone gets to enjoy it now. That’s what is most rewarding,”

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