The Kirkwood Call

2020-21 Journalism Editors

Congrats new editors! Please read through the list of positions and job descriptions. These descriptions are just a framework. The EICs and I will work to move responsibilities to highlight strengths and interests of this amazing leadership team. This will be our first task when we return from break. I appreciate you all, and look forward to an incredible experience ahead.

– Eden


TKC 2021


Editors in Chief

Amara Harper, Amelia Hurley, Tom Mueller

  • Oversees and leads TKC process (print, social media, web & DSI) and has final decision in all areas
  • Assesses current job descriptions and re-allocates responsibilities working with staff
  • Review and update Editorial Policy before next school year
  • Spokesperson for the program
  • Organizes and runs editorial board meetings


Editorial Board

Lily Bartin, Lydia Cohen, Hayden Davidson, Genevieve Francois, Amara Harper, Molly Higgins, Amelia Hurley, Tom Mueller, Elliott Notrica, Olivia Silvey


Print Editors

Molly Higgins, print editor

  • Oversees print production cycle while collaborating and reporting to EICs 
  • Helps construct ladder & keeps track of pages during late nights & helps review pages before export


Web Editors

Lily Bartin, web editor

  • Oversees web production cycle while collaborating and reporting to EICs
  • Tracks and presents analytics
  • Helps print and social media staff with posting to web and other web-related activities
  • Emphasis on assisting staff in enhancing traditional print pieces to web
  • Oversees SNO badges 

Lily Frick, web design editor

  • Manages technical aspects of the website and creates and guides with interactive production
  • SNO Flow: quality control and web constant checking
  • Leads website redesign 


Design Editor

Hayden Davidson

  • Makes templates for print and focuses on design constants for print and web
  • Design week: helping with spreads & pages at late nights as well as exporting pages
  • Reports directly to EICs


Print & Web Managing Editor

Lydia Cohen

  • Tracks deadlines for both print and web platforms
  • Tracks print deadlines & leads print story ideas
  • Tracks attendance during copy editing week at lunch
  • Tracks assignments and deadlines for web, web posting schedule for every print cycle, oversees web extensions


Social media editors

Ava Duggin & Maya Kim

  • Leads social media staff and cycle
  • Creates and assigns production cycle for TKC five social media
  • Tracks social media deadlines as there will be daily posts on all five sm
  • Shares best social media practices once per cycle, check all social media posts for accuracy
  • Tracks and presents analytics
  • Assists in guiding social media staffers during cycle


Section editors

  • All section editors will work with their staff each cycle to produce timely and relevant content; responsible for splitting up staff (if applicable) between print, web and social media platforms and reviewing respective story ideas
  • Compiles or helps manage Best of SNO, Flipboard and compile contest entries

Megan Glasgow & Kate Schrieber, features and in-depth editors

  • Leads and plans in-depth each cycle

Olivia Silvey, opinions editor

  • Leads Call editorial

Rachel Finan, health & wellness editor

  • Maintains web and print presence of health and wellness material; checks in with counselors monthly

Elliott Notrica, breaking news editor

  • Works closely with social media team for breaking news and focuses on news features for print
  • In charge of School Board and City Hall meeting schedule and attendance
  • Lead class DSI discussion, create DSI schedule and track DSI deadlines

Kailey Shirrell, news editor

  • Assists breaking news editor in creating schedules for School Board and City Hall meetings
  • Splits up staffers and keeps track of what stories are being covered and need coverage

Henry Chappell, sports editor

  • Oversees sports staff and sports content on print and web
  • Manage sports scores on website, loads team photos and scoreboards, coordinates live tweeting/coverage events

Daniel Tobias, politcal editor

  • Overseeing political content on all platforms
  • Consistently posts updates on the 2020 elections

Emma Patt, entertainment editor

  • Oversees entertainment staff 


Visual Managing Editor

Genevieve Francios 

  • Tracks deadlines for art and photo staff
  • Assists in guiding art/photo staffers during cycle
  • Emphasizes collaboration between visual staffers and writers during cycles
  • Finds visual inspiration and chooses visual of the week


Art editors

Audrey Blaine, Graesen Joyce, Merry Schlarman, art editors

  • Oversees and supports all artists
  • Leads art spread
  • Assigns art assignments each cycle
  • Ensures there will be an editorial cartoon for each Call Ed
  • Ensures an artist is in attendance each late night
  • Edit drafts before publishing


Photography editors

Annie Geroge & De Lila Green, photography editors

  • Oversees and supports all photojournalists
  • Assigns photo assignments including web gallery assignments each cycle
  • Leads photo spread
  • Web photo galleries (proper cropping, captioning, etc.)
  • In charge of photo closet and checking out visuals staffers


Video editor

Mia Alexander

  • Oversees video assignments and production
  • Helps teach new staffers how to edit and produce video content
  • More collab with KHTV


Business & Public Relations editors

Lilly Anderson & Louis Garr

  • Oversees TKC budget
  • Tracks advertising sales, Patron Program and fundraisers
  • Billing, invoicing, mailings
  • Will revisit ad sales requirements for summer and present in May to new staff
  • All organization promotional and branding
  • Press releases
  • Organizes any events (middle school nights, Open House, Coffees) in which TKC is visible
  • Organizes distribution day
  • Newsletter


Archives editor

Clayton Caringer

  • Sorts and secures archives
  • Finds content to release via sm, web and print to showcase TKC and KHS history


Pioneer 2021


Julia Frankel, Audrey Scherr & Ainsley Wade, Editors in Chief

  • Oversees entire process of the 2020 Pioneer process and production
  • Assesses current job descriptions and re-allocates responsibilities working with staff
  • Review and update Editorial Policy before next school year
  • Spokesperson for the program
  • Organizes and runs editorial board meetings 
  • Creates a ladder for book organization


Editorial Board

Anna DeMarco, Julia Frankel, Allison Geeting, Sarah Hickenbotham, Riley Hogan, Grace Manion, Olivia Matthews, Audrey Scheer & Ainsley Wade

  • Meets weekly to discuss deadlines and works to maximize efficiency


Allison Geeting & Riley Hogan, Managing Editors

  • Tracks deadlines, spreads sent, updates the ladder
  • Assists EICs and takes anything off their plate to simplify their life and keep them sane
  • Collaborate with EICs to help develop concept/theme spreads


Anna DeMarco, Grace Manion & Olivia Matthews, Proofs Editors

  • Tracks proofs in and out
  • Assists EICs to help develop concept/theme spreads
  • Edit, correct and submit proofs
  • Theme and concept spreads: dividers, title/parting, colophon


Staff Editors

Catherine Bettag & Sarah Cowan, Design Editors

  • Teaches design staff best practices of design
  • Organize, set deadlines for and lead the design staff
  • Helps overhauls spreads needing overhauling
  • Creates infographics and mods to be used throughout book

Elise Roettger, Megan Roche, Edie Wheeler & Olivia Wilton, Writing Editors

  • Organize, set deadlines for and lead the writing staff
  • Teaches writing staff best practices of journalistic writing
  • Assists senior writing editor, edits all copy

Hannah Banks, Grace Denckhoff, Lainey Hogg & Paige Howell,  Photography Editors

  • Organize, set deadlines for and lead the photography staff
  • Teaches photography staff best practices of photojournalism
  • In charge of photo closet and checking out visuals staffers

Kaitlyn Callaway, Video Editor

  • Organize, set deadlines for and lead the video staff
  • Works alongside photog staff to acquire video footage from photographers
  • In charge of all video content that goes into the yearbook

Hannah Banks & Lainey Hogg, Assistant Video Editors

  • Help Video Editor coordinate a team of 2-3 photographers per cycle to help shoot and edit video


Section Editors

Kiera Finley, Campbell Haley & Sarah Hickenbotham, Coverage & Index Editors

  • Oversee working index throughout the year
  • Designs and compiles index
  • Revamp Hit List system to better track coverage and include more students

Louis Dell’Orco, Lucy Hockerman, Olivia Kramer & Katie Moore, Reference Editors

  • Designs and compiles Fall, Winter & Spring sports as well as Club Reference section

Amanda Ralston & Kenady Solomon, People Editors

  • Organize, gather content and design people section
  • After section completion will help design index

Eilish Frissell & Ella Pearl, Senior Tribute Editor

  • Designs and compiles Senior Tribute section
  • Works with business staff
  • Will assist Proofs team once section is submitted


Strategic Communications (Sales, marketing, digital communications)

Luke Bernsen, Anna DuBord, Bella Schrieber, Business Editors 

  • Oversees books sales, Senior Tribute sales, fundraisers, Pioneer Angels, promotions, branding
  • Organizes events, press releases, bi-weekly newsletter, promotions
  • Maintains website
  • Contest organization and compilation

Sophia Hays, Georgia Holliday, Siena Pack & Maria Paul, Social Media Editors

  • Sophia/Maria: Organizes and tracks social media posts for coverage in academics, club, student life and sports
  • Sienna/Georgia: Organizes and tracks social media posts for marketing
  • Both groups will post daily to: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tik Tok & Twitter
  • Will plan and track posts, creating a workflow process to ensure accuracy
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2020-21 Journalism Editors