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2021-22 Journalism Editors

Congrats new editors! Please read through the list of positions and job descriptions. These descriptions are just a framework. The EICs and I will work to move responsibilities to highlight strengths and interests of this amazing leadership team. This will be our first task when we return from break. I appreciate you all, and look forward to an incredible experience ahead.

– Eden


TKC 2022-2023


Editors in Chief

Kinley Bokermann, Sim Khanuja & Caroline Steidley

  • Oversees and leads TKC process (print, social media, web & DSI) and has final decision in all areas
  • Assesses current job descriptions and re-allocates responsibilities working with staff
  • Review and update Editorial Policy before next school year
  • Spokesperson for the program
  • Organizes and runs editorial board meetings


Editorial Board

Kinley Bokermann, Lydia Drake, Janine Gassel, Morgan Hooker, Sim Khanuja, Lila Shepard, Caroline Steidley & Ava Tebo


Web Editors

Lydia Drake & Ava Tebo

  • Oversees web production cycle while collaborating and reporting to EICs


Design Editor

Morgan Hooker

  • Oversees the creative design process
  • Makes templates for print and focuses on design constants for print and web
  • Design week: helping with spreads & pages at late nights as well as exporting pages
  • Reports directly to EICs

Managing Editor

Lila Shepard

  • Oversees print production cycle while collaborating with EICs 
  • Helps construct ladder, keeps track of pages during late nights, helps review pages before export
  • Tracks print deadlines
  • Tracks deadlines for both print and web platforms
  • Tracks print deadlines & leads print story ideas
  • Tracks attendance during copy editing week at lunch
  • Tracks assignments and deadlines for web, web posting schedule for every print cycle, oversees web extensions


Visual Managing Editor

Janine Gassel

  • Tracks deadlines for art and photo staff
  • Assists in guiding art/photo staffers during cycle
  • Emphasizes collaboration between visual staffers and writers during cycles
  • Finds visual inspiration and chooses visual of the week


Social media editors

Maddie Hickman, Ellie Hubbard & Zach Thomson

  • Leads social media staff and cycle
  • Creates and assigns production cycle for TKC five social media
  • Tracks social media deadlines as there will be daily posts on all five sm
  • Shares best social media practices once per cycle, check all social media posts for accuracy
  • Tracks and presents analytics
  • Assists in guiding social media staffers during cycle


Section editors

  • All section editors work with their staff each cycle to produce timely and relevant content; responsible for splitting up staff (if applicable) between print, web and social media platforms and reviewing respective story ideas
  • Compiles or helps manage Best of SNO and compile contest entries

Anna Newland & Elizabeth Niedringhaus, entertainment editors

Kylie Madden & Owen Spiegel, features and in-depth editors

  • Leads and plans in-depth each cycle

Alli Luth & Jane Roy, opinions editor

  • Leads Call editorial

Ian Reno, news editor

  • Works closely with social media team for breaking news and focuses on news features for print
  • In charge of School Board and City Hall meeting schedule and attendance

Aine Bradley, breaking news/DSI editor

  • Lead class DSI discussion, create DSI schedule and track DSI deadlines
  • Works to get breaking news posts up on website in a timely manner

Owen Backer, sports editor

  • Oversees sports staff and sports content on print and web
  • Manage sports scores on website, loads team photos and scoreboards, coordinates live tweeting/coverage events
  • Oversees production of Turkey Day program


Art editors

Maya Rubin & Audrey Turley

  • Oversees and supports all artists
  • Leads art spread
  • Assigns art assignments each cycle
  • Ensures there will be an editorial cartoon for each Call Ed
  • Ensures an artist is in attendance each late night
  • Edit drafts before publishing


Photography editors

Tess Hubbard, Coco LeGrand & Ella Sottile

  • Oversees and supports all photojournalists
  • Assigns photo assignments including web gallery assignments each cycle
  • Leads photo spread
  • Web photo galleries (proper cropping, captioning, etc.)
  • In charge of photo closet and checking out visuals staffers


Video editors

Josie Baker & Liv Timp

  • Helps teach new staffers how to edit and produce video content
  • Would love to see more collab with KHTV


Business & Public Relations 

Alecia Hinrichsen & Margaret Holley

  • Oversees TKC budget and tracks advertising sales, fundraisers, patron programs
  • Billing/invoicing for advertisements 
  • Ad day/patron program requirements for staff 
  • Organization promotion/branding 
  • Organizes events (Open House, Parent Coffees, etc.) where TKC should be seen
  • Mailing of issues 
  • Press releases 
  • Organizes distribution day (community drop, making sure all racks at school are filled, etc.)
  • Newsletter 


Pioneer 2022-2023


Cece Bartin, Noah Ferkel, Avery Oppermann & Nina Teckman, Editors in Chief

  • Oversees entire process of the 2023 Pioneer process and production
  • Assesses current job descriptions and re-allocates responsibilities working with staff
  • Review and update Editorial Policy before next school year
  • Spokesperson for the program
  • Organizes and runs editor meetings 
  • Creates a ladder for book organization
  • Meets weekly to discuss deadlines and works to maximize efficiency


Emme Bailey & Ellie Ploszay, Managing Editors

  • Tracks deadlines, spreads sent, updates the ladder
  • Assists EICs and takes anything off their plate to simplify their job
  • Collaborate with EICs to help develop concept/theme spreads
  • Deadline awards and staff celebrations


Anna Chellis, Margaret Mallow & Maddie Rowan, Proofs & Concept Editors

  • Tracks proofs in and out
  • Assists EICs to help develop concept/theme spreads
  • Edit, correct and submit proofs
  • Theme and concept spreads: dividers, title/parting, colophon
  • Work on section design templates


Staff Editors

Libby Denckhoff, Sophie Key & Alex Werner, Design Editors

  • Teaches design staff best practices of design
  • Organize, set deadlines for and lead the design staff
  • Helps overhauls spreads needing overhauling
  • Creates infographics and mods to be used throughout book

Design Staff


Ella Harms, Brayden Maxwell, Josie Oppermann & Kate Peck, Writing Editors

  • Organize, set deadlines for and lead the writing staff
  • Teaches writing staff best practices of journalistic writing
  • Assists senior writing editor, edits all copy

Writing staff


Abby Greene, Kendall Herweck, Will Huster & Abbey Paul,  Photography Editors

  • Organize, set deadlines for and lead the photography staff
  • Teaches photography staff best practices of photojournalism
  • In charge of photo closet and checking out visuals staffers

Photography staff


Molly Stevener, Video Editor

  • Organize, set deadlines for and lead the video staff
  • Works alongside photog staff to acquire video footage from photographers
  • In charge of all video content that goes into the yearbook


Section Editors

Gabbie Roseman, Coverage & Index Editors

  • Oversee working index throughout the year
  • Revamp Hit List system to better track coverage and include more students
  • In the fall will help gather reference coverage

Addie Campbell, Senior Tribute Editor

  • Designs and compiles Senior Tribute section
  • Works with business staff
  • Will assist Proofs team once section is submitted

Josie Ploszay & Rachel Walkenhorst, Reference Editors

  • Designs and compiles Fall, Winter & Spring sports as well as Club Reference section


Strategic Communications

Lilly Ortmann & Hallie Pack, Business Editors 

  • Oversees books sales, Senior Tribute sales, fundraisers, Pioneer Angels, promotions, branding
  • Organizes events, press releases, bi-weekly newsletter, promotions
  • Contest organization and compilation

Molly McGraw & Margaret Stewart, Social Media Editors

  • Organizes and tracks social media posts for coverage in academics, club, student life and sports
  • Organizes and tracks social media posts for marketing
  • Will plan and track posts, creating a workflow process to ensure accuracy. Social team will post daily to: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tik Tok & Twitter

The below organization will now fall under the responsibilities of the Proofs & Concept Editors

People Editor

  • Organize, gather content and design people section
  • After section completion will help design index
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