Achieving a gym-worthy workout at home

As spring showers douse STL, it is difficult to muster the motivation to go for a run. In lieu of using recent dreary weather as an excuse for not getting in a workout, take advantage of your dry, comfy home to defeat the homeridden stigma, and get moving.

An effective start to your home conditioning begins with a consistent, practical circuit. It is best to create a plan doable and simplistic enough; be aware of your own capabilities, but know when to challenge yourself. Here’s an example of a full body circuit, which can be modified to fit your abilities.


50 – Jumping jacks

20 – Squats

20 – Squat jumps

20 – Alternating lunges (each leg)

15 – Burpees

25 – Push ups

30 – Mountain climbers

50 – Crunches

60 seconds – Plank

*repeat two or three more times through

Trainers and personal coaches can often be pricey. However, YouTube is an online source for a sweat-inducing workout with all the same benefits as a trainer, and the cost is free. Here are a few videos to achieve a workout sequence consisting of arms, abs, legs and glutes.



Blogilates has plenty of effective videos to tone your body, but one of the best on the channel is the six-pack sculpting video to help tone your abs, lower belly and obliques. It’s only 10 minutes long but draws a hardcore conditioning directly targeting the belly. So grab your yoga mat and get training with Cassey Ho.


Amanda Russell

As prom season and summer approach, adding an intense arm workout to your fitness routine may be wise. Amanda Russell can help sculpt your arms into lean toned biceps for short sleeves.


The Sarah Fit Show

This video combines yoga with pilates to workout and tone your inner and outer thighs, side glutes and legs. Sarah’s own home workout will comfort you with its authenticity and will not be as intimidating as a video of fit athletes in a large mirrored room with yoga mats.


After completing the circuit and three videos, the workout will total a little less than an hour long session, packed with attention to the full body.