Why senior year is the worst

Abby Geisz, technical web editor

*This piece is entirely satirical

Senior year really is the worst of them all. With all the special privileges and events, it’s just too boring.



Let’s start with the very beginning of the year: the first day of school. Getting up early with the majority of your classmates and friends to scream and torment innocent baby freshmen, sounds like the opposite of entertaining. If you ask me, that’s just starting the year off on the wrong foot. Then comes the endless football games, standing in front of the underclassmen, leading the chants, with themes too boring to participate in. Who wants to stand outside with all your friends and watch sports that your classmates are participating in? Next is the Friendship Dance with Webster. Getting all dressed up to jump around in a dingy gym is not fun. Neither is standing around taking pictures before and creating memories that you’ll keep forever. Turkey Day week is so not the best time of the year like they say, especially for seniors. Putting in extra work and effort for a mediocre pep rally and hallway is not worth the time. Dressing up as your favorite teacher and dancing around with your friends in front of the whole school… yikes.



Basketball game after basketball game is all the rage. With a two-year in a row state champion women’s basketball team, the games are lifeless and uninteresting. Then comes exam week, the actual best week of the year. Studying a semester’s worth of work into a few nights before the big test is exactly what you should do to make your GPA soar. And don’t go to Dierbergs to study with your friends because it’s just a terrible place to be and struggle together. Then we get a couple weeks off for winter break which makes me wish I was back at school. Some take vacations during this time or rack up hours of sleep. However you choose to spend your time, it won’t nearly be as fun as it could be in the classroom.



Quite possibly the busiest time of the year, spring provides many opportunities to do things you’ve never had the chance to do before. To start it off: spring break. Some take this time to take trips with their friend groups to warm places like Mexico or Florida. Others take mission trips and some just stay at home. No matter what you do, you’ll wish you weren’t out partying on the beach or chilling at home all day. You’ll wish spring break was over every second it’s occurring. Senior camping trip, ugh. What a drag. Getting a night in the woods with almost your entire grade? No thanks. It’s so unenjoyable to be able to connect with friends you’ve never hung out with other than in class before. Senior skip day? Oh please no, I want that day of school. Prom is just like the Friendship Dance, except way worse. Everything is blown way out of proportion and not a single part of it is fun in the slightest. Prom night is a waste of so much money and for what? To see everyone dressed up in a cruddy venue for a few hours… gross and too much work. Spring also has award nights and banquets that just make you feel the opposite of proud. You won’t feel sad saying goodbye to all your extracurriculars, the friends and coaches you’ve met along the way. Lastly, it’s time for graduation. No tears will be shed this day. Goodbye high school, you won’t be missed


*This part is not satirical

To all the underclassmen and upcoming seniors especially, senior year is really one for the books. Cherish all the moments with your classmates and friends because as cliche as it sounds, it really will fly by. Thank you KHS for some of the best days of my life.