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Nearly everyone dreams of being TikTok famous. But which current famous Tiktok creator are you truly most similar to?

Which famous TikTok creator are you?

Nathan Sweeney, features writer February 21, 2021

By this point, nearly everyone has TikTok downloaded on their phone. Some have even developed a borderline unhealthy addiction to it. And since you’ve most likely dreamed of TikTok stardom at some point,...

This guide will help you find your next TV obsession.

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Lydia Drake, entertainment writer February 21, 2021

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, many people turned to TV shows as a way to pass the time in quarantine. According to Statista, Netflix gained 35 million new subscribers in 2020 alone, which contributed...

Netflix, the once-beloved service, may not be number one for much longer. 

The fall of Netflix

Sim Khanuja, opinions writer February 21, 2021

 With around 195 million paid subscribers worldwide according to Statista, Netflix is the world’s most popular media streaming platform. But with competing streaming services emerging and the cancellation...

Lane Fox with their various album art in the background.

In their own lane

Lydia Sheehan, entertainment writer February 19, 2021

The most beautiful thing about music is how it can make you feel. And every song can feel different. The lyrics and tone of the song might put into words exactly how you are feeling. When you shuffle music...

TKC's best of 2020 in entertainment

TKC’s best of 2020 in entertainment

Hayden Davidson, design editor February 19, 2021

TKC staff took a survey to determine the most prevalent, popular and influential entertainment that was released in 2020, which was especially important due to the increased amount of time at home throughout...

Rap artists' determination is seen through the slew of albums released during 2020 in spite of the year's challenges.

Top 10 rap albums of 2020

Tom Mueller, editor-in-chief February 15, 2021

As paradoxical as it may seem given how the year panned out, rap thrived in 2020. While rap communities felt the deaths of artists MF Doom, Pop Smoke and King Von, among others, artists did not allow the...

Due to COVID-19, teens have to throw discreet parties and refrain from posting about their latest vacations to avoid getting canceled by their peers. Despite the drama the virus has generated, there is only one question left that trumps all others: Who had it worse, the class of 2020 or the class of 2021?

We see you, class of 2020

Amelia Hurley, editor-in-chief February 15, 2021

This piece is entirely satirical.   COVID-19 is a joke. The obviously fake virus only affects the elderly, which is why not a single teenager has contracted it. The so-called disease has altered...

KHS students voted on who they thought were the most eligible students in each grade. Take a look to find your potential Valentine.

TKC Valentine’s Day Project

Amelia Hurley and Megan Glasgow February 13, 2021

KHS students voted on the most eligible students in their grade. Following a bachelor/bachelorette theme, TKC interviewed the top three most voted students in each grade to learn more about themselves...

As Harry Styles graced the December 2020 Vogue cover wearing a lacy, baby-blue dress with black detailing on the edging, all hell broke loose.

Yep, Harry Styles wore a dress

Caroline Steidley, opinions writer February 8, 2021

As Harry Styles graced the December 2020 Vogue cover wearing a lacy, baby-blue dress with black detailing on the edging, all hell broke loose. Now I know what you’re thinking, Harry Styles in a dress...

These are the 11 albums TKC thinks are worth giving a listen.

TKC’s top 11 music albums

Megan Glasgow, features + in-depth editor February 8, 2021

I asked 11 TKC staffers to write a review of their favorite music album. The results covered pop albums from Harry Styles and Taylor Swift, classics like Pink Floyd and The Beatles and even multilingual...

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