Must watch shows for fall 2014

We at The Kirkwood Call recommend that you watch all previous episodes of the shows below before clicking on any spoiler links


Photo courtesy of MCT Campus

Once again, the TV-loving audiences of America boot up their DVRs, break out their favorite snacks and brace themselves for another rollercoaster ride of emotions with their favorite characters. It’s time for the fall TV season.

Modern Family New season premieres: Sept. 24 on ABC

Returning for its sixth season after the season five finale in May, the Golden Globe award winning show invades America’s living rooms once again with the entire cast planned to return. The length of the season has not been announced, but one can speculate it will most likely contain 24 episodes like the previous five seasons did. ABC has already released the name of the first episode, “The Long Honeymoon,” as well as various photos and teasers anyone can watch.

GothamSeries Debut: Sept. 22 on FOX

All Batman fans know the core basics: Bruce Wayne’s parents were murdered and later fights criminals as Batman in his early adulthood. However, there are certain gaps and questions that have yet to be filled. For instance, what was Bruce Wayne’s childhood like? How did Gotham get to be the crime-filled city that it is? And what are some of the origins of Batman’s arch nemeses? Gotham strives to fill in those blanks through the character James Gordon (played by Ben McKenzie) in his rise to power from lowely detective to commisoner and the slow spiral of madness that Gotham city follows.


American Horror Story: Freak Show- New season premiere: Oct. 8 on FX

Moving into its fourth season, American Horror Story is set in Florida in the 1950s, where the dying horror show business is alive and well at the time. The first episode, “Monsters Among Us,” was directed by Ryan Murphy; he’s never directed an episode in the American Horror Story series but wrote multiple episodes in the previous three seasons. Various returns to the staff are Wes Bentley as Edward Mordrake and Jyoti Amge as Ma Petite.