LitCharts for the long nights

LitCharts for the long nights

Daniel Stobbe, web staff

It’s late at night. You are still awake trying to cram for a test the next day and then you realize you were supposed to read a chapter from a book assigned in English class. The app LitCharts can help. LitCharts gives you the power and lets you review books with ease and simplicity while looking at an aesthetically pleasing interface on the iPad minis.

LitCharts is a free app made by the same company that created SparkNotes. This app has lit guides on over 150 books. Each one sticks to a specific book, providing you with background information, an overall plot synopsis, a summary for each section of the book, themes, symbols, character explanations and important quotes.

The library of LitCharts includes many titles studied in English classes at KHS, such as 1984, Animal Farm and The Iliad. Using this app on the iPad for a brief chapter summary before a big test could help you clinch that hard-earned grade. Although LitCharts doesn’t include as many titles as SparkNotes, its library is still growing. Keep in mind it is a relatively new app, released October 2014.

The app is more useful than SparkNotes because it has a very simplistic interface and many features that make studying more efficient, such as side-by-side summary as well as analysis and themes that have specific colors so you can follow different themes throughout the book. Overall, LitCharts is very useful not only for people who really like to read, but also those who want to see if any books interest them. It’s also for people who want to cram in some last minute studying and those who prefer the internet over a full, immersive experience with a book. I would definitely recommend installing this free app because no matter the situation, it’s useful to see a spread of all the important aspects of a book.