Pion-Ear: Ruth B’s “The Intro”

Pion-Ear: Ruth B's

photo courtesy of MOXIE

Holden Foreman, entertainment editor

“They think it’s a shame / that the world will never know our names,” croons Canadian upstart Ruth B on “2 Poor Kids,” the first track on the 20-year-old singer-songwriter’s new EP, “The Intro,” released Nov. 27, 2015. The four tracks showcase Ruth’s soft voice and strong emotions. Unfortunately, the two traits mix poorly, and the resulting sound fails to stand out from the simply superior ballads of artists like Adele.

“2 Poor Kids” tells the tale of two lovers at the bottom, who, despite their circumstances, manage to live happily together. “We’ve got a love story unlike the rest / no fancy suit and no fancy dress,” Ruth claims again and again; yet, the story seems all too familiar, and the trend continues throughout the rest of the EP. “Lost Boy” portrays Ruth’s infatuation with a new lover but comes off as childish with the uninspiring chorus, “when we’re bored we play in the woods / Always on the run from Captain Hook.”

Then, the tracks “Golden” and “Superficial” reflect Ruth’s resolve following a failed relationship and her resulting refusal to embark on another one. After hearing artists like Taylor Swift tread this trail repeatedly, the music simply proves too stale to make a lasting impression. The lack of variation does not help, as each of the tracks on “The Intro” consist of simple piano instrumentals that blur together in one lazy assembly.

In the end, Ruth B shows dedication in her debut, but her humble beginnings as a Youtuber hold evident, as her music fails to show off the creative spirit that differentiates stars from the rest of today’s overcrowded industry. Anyone who adores ballads should consider listening for the sake of expanding their musical knowledge, but the lack of innovative content leaves no desire for even a second go.

Two out of five Gold Ks
Two out of five Gold Ks