Tips to surviving school


Photo courtesy of the Creative Commons License

Adele Baughman, features writer

For students, stress is inevitable. It feels like there is always something teenagers should be doing instead of relaxing.  Although everyone is dealing with different problems, the last few months of school have no doubt taken a toll on many teens’ bodies. Here are some easy ways to help improve both mental and physical health while dealing with all the stress from school:

-Make lists: This is the best way to organize your thoughts and tasks. Plus, there is no better feeling than checking everything off your list when you are finished.

-Only take on one task at a time: Everyone has dealt with those Sunday nights where every assignment you have avoided all week is laying on your desk. Just take a big breath and deal with one thing at a time. I’m not going to lie, the whole experience still stinks, but you tend to get more done when your focus is only on one thing.

-Don’t overbook yourself: Building a résumé is something that is important in high school, but know your limits. You don’t want to commit your time to all sorts of things and not have any time to relax.

-It is OK to have fun:You are still a teenager, so it is OK to go to a party or hang out with friends even though you may have a lot of homework to do. You don’t want to spend the four short years of high school stuck at your desk.

-Take care of your body – A healthy body helps you sleep, feel better and gives you more energy throughout the day.  Although hitting the gym every day or cutting out sugar from your diet may not be very realistic for your lifestyle, try drinking a few more glasses of water every day, getting to bed a little earlier and going to the gym when you can. Even little changes will make a difference in your life.

-Set goals – Sometimes you lose focus on what is coming out of all your hard work, which is true for many things beyond school. Setting a goal will mean all your hard work is worth something and will make the constant flow of work a little easier.

Here are some more reasons/tips to help live a healthier and happier life: