TKC plays Minecraft

image courtesy of Google via the Creative Commons License

Holden Foreman, entertainment editor

Welcome to TKC plays, a new entertainment series from, in which the staff plays popular video games while giving live commentary. Unlike in other news, what happens next rests entirely in the hands of you, the viewer, via your feedback and suggestions. So, whether you want to learn a new game or simply have a good time, click on any of the following links to access the respective episode on Youtube. Then, comment here, there or @tkcplaysgames on Twitter to help shape the series!

TKC plays Minecraft — Episode 1

TKC plays Minecraft — Episode 2

TKC plays Minecraft — Episode 3

TKC plays Minecraft — Episode 4

TKC plays Minecraft — Episode 5

TKC plays Minecraft — Episode 6

TKC plays Minecraft — Episode 7



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