Trending topics of 2016

Ranging from makeup products to viral videos, TKC decided to dive into the top trending topics of 2016. These picks have outlasted the summer and continue to gain popularity throughout the transition to the fall season.


Photo courtesy of Google under the Creative Commons License

Kylie Cosmetics

Ever since the company’s first lip kit in January, Kylie Cosmetics has been popular and continues to sell out every month when a new lip kit is released. The company, founded by Kylie Jenner, started a new revolution for makeup addicts. It consists of a variety of makeup kits, including lipsticks and lipliners. All the lip kits the company makes have special meanings behind the names. For example, the lipstick shade Koko K was named after Jenner’s sister, Khloe Kardashian. Since Jenner started her brand, she has increased in popularity and fans have been trying to be like her by wearing the company’s products.

Photo courtesy of Jane Stewart



Spam Instagram accounts, or finstas, were popular before summer started and continued to give Instagram users another reason to use the app. He or she can post embarrassing photos as much as they like without fear of being judged because only the user’s closest friends are following.  This helps Instagram users feel more confident in what they post and not care as much about how many likes their post     will have.


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Harambe, was a gorilla who was killed to save the life of a child who fell into his habitat at the Cincinnati Zoo. After the story went viral, Harambe memes filled up Twitter feeds with the popular hashtag, “Justice for Harambe.” Soon after the incident, the zoo deleted its Twitter account because of the overwhelming tweets about Harambe while grieving his death. The tweets escalated into offensive, and often racist comments.



Photo courtesy of Julia Wunning-Zimmer

Instagram Stories

As Instagram tries to keep up with other social media competitors like Snapchat, they created the unpopular Instagram stories. These are captured moments users put up on their accounts that last for 24 hours. Most users aren’t willing to make the switch over to Instagram stories because they are satisfied with what Snapchat already offers. After the release of Instagram stories, Kevin Systrom, the CEO of Instagram, said that Snapchat stories contributed to the idea of Instagram’s version.



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Açaí Bowls

As the world goes through an insane health craze, açaí bowls continue to gain popularity. Açaí bowls are thick smoothies usually topped with granola, oats and fruit. With unlimited options on what to put in and on top of your bowl, it makes breakfast more exciting. The best part about Açaí bowls is that people can make them as healthy as they desire. Because they are so popular, some shops, including Jamba Juice, have adopted the fad.




These are just a few of many trending topics that have outlasted the summer of 2016. How much longer will these trends last?