Presidential profiles 2016

Vivian Kutheis, web staffer


Photo courtesy of Google images under Creative Commons License
Photo courtesy of Google images under Creative Commons License


Name: Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton

Birthday: Oct. 26, 1947 (age: 68)

Party: Democrat

Relationship Status: Married to Bill Clinton, former U.S. President

Horoscope: Libra

Favorite Vacation Destination: The Hamptons

Favorite Foods: Lamb, burgers and hot peppers

Favorite Movie: The Wizard of Oz

Favorite Singers: Loretta Lynn, Lana Del Rey and Lady Gaga

Number of Children: 1 (Chelsea Clinton (36))

Previous Career:  First Lady 1993-2001, U.S. Senator of New York 2001-2009, Secretary of State 2009-2013

Immigration Policy: Comprehensive immigration reform with pathway to full equal citizenship

Gun Policy: Wants expanded background checks along with reinstating assault-weapons ban

Abortion Policy: Stands for Planned Parenthood and is Pro-Choice

Budget Policy: Hopes to raise American incomes

Healthcare Policy: Wants to strengthen medicare and reduce health-care costs

Environmental Policy: Wants to stop tax-giveaways to oil companies and make investments in clean energy

Scandal: Email scandal after sending classified information from her private account

Vice Presidential Candidate: Tim Kaine

Five Fun Facts:

  1. At Wellesley University, she was president of the Young Republicans.
  2. Hillary met Bill Clinton at Yale University.
  3. Hillary was the first former First Lady to be elected to the United States Senate.
  4. In 2008, after conceding in the Democratic primaries, Clinton was appointed Secretary of State by Barack Obama.
  5. In the summer of 1969 Hillary worked for a fishery canning company in Valdez, A.K.


Photo courtesy of Google images under Creative Commons License
Photo courtesy of Google images under Creative Commons License


Name: Donald John Trump

Birthday: June 14, 1946 (age: 69)

Party: Republican

Relationship Status: Married to Melania Trump

Horoscope: Gemini

Favorite Vacation Destination: Trump National Doral, Miami, FL.

Favorite Foods: Filet-O-Fish, hamburgers and steak

Favorite Movie: Citizen Kane

Favorite Singers: Elton John, Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney

Number of Children: Five children: (Donald Trump Jr. (38), Ivanka Trump (34), Eric Trump (32)Tiffany Trump (22), Barron Trump (10))

Previous Career: Businessman and television host

Immigration Policy: Wants to build a border wall and prevent immigrants from stealing American jobs

Gun Policy: Unwavering support of the 2nd Amendment and wants stronger prosecuting for criminals

Abortion Policy: Opposed to abortion except after rape

Budget Policy: Wants to rebuild infrastructure and end government corruption

Healthcare Policy: Believes in repealing Obama’s health care law (Obamacare)

Environmental Policy: Water infrastructure is a main priority and believes global warming is an “expensive hoax”

Scandal: 1995 tax scandal due to releasing only his tax forms from that year but no other years

Vice President: Mike Pence

Five Fun Facts:

  1. Donald Trump has been married three times.
  2. After graduating from the Wharton School, Trump began his career at his father’s company called Elizabeth Trump and Son, which he later renamed The Trump Organization.
  3. Trump was a partial owner of Miss Universe, Miss Teen USA and Miss USA from 1996-2015.
  4. Forbes estimated Donald Trump’s net worth to be $3.7 billion  during 2016.
  5. Trump hosted four seasons of the hit show The Apprentice, earning him a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and over $200 million.


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