Valentine’s Day couples

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Jack Adams and Callie Mechelke, juniors

photo by Chloe Hooker

TKC: How long have you been dating?

Jack Adams: Ten months and 20-something days. Right?

Callie Mechelke: I don’t really know what the date is. That works.

TKC: How’d you meet?

CM: This is so complicated. Do you just wanna say math class?

JA: Math class.

CM:Freshman year, Kriewall’s classroom, Algebra II.

TKC: First date?

CM: Valentine’s day last year. I went over to his house and we ordered Chinese food, then we watched The Office. I was so scared.

TKC: How did you ask Callie out?

CM: This is a good story.

JA: After we got back from dinner [one day], it was me and a bunch of friends, and we were all in my basement. {Some of our friends] went outside and pretended they had to leave and then they lit a bunch of candles, which said “Be my GF?” Then I took her up to my room and then I was like, ‘I gotta show you something.’ And we looked out my window and she said, “Sure.”

CM: I said sure and he won’t give it a rest.

TKC: What was your most unreasonable argument?

CM: We have a lot of stupid arguments. We just had one today over vaccinations, so that’s probably the dumbest one we’ve ever had.

TKC: Favorite thing about each other?

JA: [Her] general compassion and kindness for other people.

CM: Aw, I was going to say your smile and now I feel so [bad].

TKC: Best date?

JA: I’d say the James Bay concert maybe.

CM: Yeah we went to the James Bay concert and that was amazing.

Armon Tindle and Vanessa Gonzalez, juniors

TKC: How long have you two been dating?

Armon Tindle: Five months, going on six at the end of the month.

TKC: How did you guys meet?

AT: Technically we met in fifth grade when she came to Kirkwood, but I guess French class last year. I think I just started texting her and went from there.

TKC: What was your first date?

Vanessa Gonzalez: We went to Castlewood and went on a hike, and it was really hot.

AT: We were playing Pokemon Go actually, but it wouldn’t work.

TKC: What was your dumbest argument?

VG: He gets upset when I get a higher grade in AP US than him.

AT: Because it’s so stupid! Her teacher doesn’t grade homework for accuracy so she always has a higher grade because of her homework.

VG: But then I fail every test, so it’s fine (both start laughing).

TKC: What is your favorite thing about each other?

AT: Her eyes.

VG: He’s very attentive and will always listen.

TKC: What is your favorite memory or best date?

AT: What was that one place we went? It was a food date?

VG: I mean we get food like every day. (laughs)

AT: Oh yeah, Bricktops. It was fire. We had this bomb cookie.

TKC: What is your biggest pet peeve about each other?

AT: I don’t [have one], but I bet she does.

VG: He walks really slow. Like super slow.

TKC: Do you guys like each other’s friends?

AT: Some of them. Only some of them.

VG: For the most part, yes.

Brooke Riggles and Aaron Autry

TKC: How long have you been dating?

Both: A year and a half.

 TKC: How’d you meet?

Aaron Autry: A football game during middle school.

Brooke Riggles: But we started talking through one of Aaron’s friends.

TKC: What was your first date?

AA: I feel like it was Six Flags.

BR: No I don’t think so.

AA: Halloween party?

BR: No it’d be before that. It was probably just dinner one night. Actually, it was probably Six Flags during that summer.

TKC: What was your most unreasonable argument?

BR: We have so many. Probably when we tell each other scores on tests. It’s just a competition. (both laugh) I’m just kidding. 

TKC: What is your favorite thing about each other?

BR: I like his smile. I tell him that all the time and he never smiles.

AA: I’m trying to think of something not cliche. She’s persistent and I like that. She doesn’t give up on stuff. 

TKC: Best and worst date?

AA: I liked the one year date where we just walked around and I just let you pick things out that you wanted to do or go get.

BR: The worst date was when we were at Mike Duffy’s for dinner. We sat there without saying anything. It was very awkward.

TKC: If you guys had to pick an animal to describe your relationship, what would it be?

BR: I feel like it would either be an elephant or a giraffe.

AA: Yeah, let’s do a giraffe.

BR: [A stuffed animal giraffe] was his first gift he gave me. And it’s been kind of funny since then.

TKC: What is your biggest pet peeve about each other?

AA: When she says “OK” instead of “Okay” over text.

BR: When he makes a face at me like I’m stupid. But he just does it to be annoying.

TKC: How was meeting each other’s parents for the first time?

AA: It actually wasn’t that bad. Me and her dad just talked about music for like an hour and a half.

BR: [When I met his parents], they were just like “What’s up” and then I called them “mom and dad the next day”.

TKC: What has been your most awkward moment?

BR: With Aaron’s mom, we were walking into her classroom and she was like, “What were you guys doing, making out around the corner?” There was nothing that happened and it was just really awkward.

AA: I totally forgot about that. I think I didn’t remember that on purpose.

Tyriek Lewis, junior, and Katherine Moore, senior

TKC: How long have you been dating?

Tyriek Lewis: It’ll be nine months tomorrow.

TKC: How’d you guys first meet?

Katherine Moore: Spanish class.

TL: My sophomore year.

TKC: What was your first date?

TL: The light show.

KM: We went to the light show at Anheuser Busch.

TKC: What has been your dumbest argument?

KM: (laughs) A lot.

TL: That’s hard. I don’t know.

KM: They are so dumb we don’t even know.

TL: Oh, I know our dumbest argument. She spit on me, and I got mad.

KM: Oh my gosh, that was annoying. He got mad and didn’t talk to me. I didn’t know that was bad.

TL: I was pissed.

KM: He locked me out of the car and so I sat on the curb for a long time. I didn’t know that was so bad, and you were like I disrespected you as a person. I didn’t know that was against like your culture.

TL: I locked the doors and didn’t let her get in the car.

KM: It was my car.

TL: (laughs) she left her keys in the car, and I locked the door. She was crying on the curb and then I let her back in and didn’t talk to her the whole car ride home.

KM: Yep. Not at all.

TKC: What is your favorite about each other?

TL: Oh yikes. She’s a goofy person, so we can just laugh.

KM: I like that he listens to me.

TKC: Do you have a pet peeve about each other?

TL: Oh yes.

KM: Yes (laughs). Like everything. (Both laughing). Not everything, but a lot of things.

TL: She thinks I’m too cocky.

KM: Eats my food and makes fun of me daily.

TKC: What’s your best date?

KM: Best date would be The Fox with Beth [a KHS student] and my sister. That was the definitely the best. We also went to this German festival at a nursing home. It was so fun.

TL: It was very weird, but it was a good time.

TKC: How did it go meeting it go was meeting each other’s parents?

KM: First thing his mom asked me was what my grade point average was. So that wasn’t good. (laughs)

TL: I was kinda scared.

TKC: If you had to have an animal to describe your relationship, what would it be?

TL: A horse.

KM: (laughs) That’s our spirit animal. We took a test one time, and it tells you what animal you are, and we both got a horse. We really weren’t expecting to get the same animal, so I guess it’s a horse.

KM: We went horseback riding one time (both laugh).

TKC: Favorite memory overall?

TL: She took me tubing for the first time, so that was fun. We got to spend all day at the lake.

TKC: How did you ask her out?

TL: So we were at the Boathouse, and my whole plan was to go on the paddle boats and go in front of art hill and ask her out in front of all the scenery. But, she had to go to church, and we didn’t have enough time to go on the paddle boats, so I just asked her out while we were at dinner.