Snapchat decoded

March 17, 2017

Middle aged folks use, young adults have Tinder and high schoolers have Snapchat. TKC knows the success or failure of relationships for teens often revolve around the exchange of selfies. But we could all agree the impersonal form of communication often leads to mixed signals. So, TKC editors Matt Capriglione, Ali Randazzo and Katie Woodruff decided to decode some popular Snapchat sticky situations.


What to do when…

    They add you as a friend but don’t directly snapchat

KW: Adding someone on Snapchat is the same as following someone on Instagram; it’s not too big of a deal and they want to see your stories as much as you want to see everyone else’s. Don’t be afraid to take a chance and send them a snap because they might be just as nervous as you to make the first move.

MC: This most likely means that you may have talked before or have mutual friends, but you aren’t necessarily “friends” (at least not yet). Adding someone on Snapchat without directly sending a snapchat shows your interest in the other person without crossing the barrier of “talking,” as you can see their stories and vice-versa.


What to do when…

    They add you as a friend and snapchat you right away

AR: You better get your favorite filters ready because the other person may be interested. It could just be an old family friend reaching out to catch up, or your secret math crush asking for the homework. If this is the case and you reply, you are initiating that you want to start “talking” so be wary of your actions if you don’t have these intentions.

KW: This is a very common first move in the strange world of high school relationships, whether it’s a snap from that special someone you’ve longed for since freshman year or your partner in your science class. I can’t say this enough, you have got to be careful with this one as they could be interested in you and want to start “talking.” Keep in mind the person could also be bored or just looking to make a connection too (especially if it’s a friend who simply moved away a while ago).


What to do when…

    You have a streak but don’t talk in person

AR: If you’re looking for something more then you have to make that clear ASAP because right now the feeling is most likely unrecognized. Step out of your comfort zone and ask them to Andy’s this weekend.

MC: If you have a streak with someone but don’t talk in person, go ahead and try to hang out with them. If you want something more from the person, ask them what they’re doing over the weekend — after all, it could be the start of something great. If you never leave your comfort zone, you’ll never become a better person. Challenge is what makes life special, embrace it.


What to do when…

    You have a streak and talk in person

AR: Score! You guys are “talking.”  Want to take it to the next level? Hang out a bit, then the pair of you will have a “thing” and maybe graduate to dating.

KW: If you have made it to this point, I have to applaud you because so many streaks fizzle out before day five. You have finally made it to the “talking” stage and should take a chance and ask them to hang out over the weekend or to meet at Kaldi’s to work on homework. This will make your “thing” official after you hang a few times. Then, who knows, maybe you’ll eventually end up dating.



Talking: when two people are interested in each other, but still are getting to know the other person.

Thing: someone who you are mainly associated with having a romantic relationship with, but with the understanding that there are no labels because you aren’t officially together.

Dating: all the labels, the anniversaries and holidays, this is the real deal. Everyone knows you are involved with one another and you aren’t confused where you stand with your special someone.


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