Top 5 convenient places to get mac and cheese in Kirkwood

April 28, 2017

TKC visited a few restaurants, not too far from KHS to find the best mac and cheese dishes. We judged them on categories from cheesiness to texture and rated each dish on a 10-point scale. We recommend stopping by one of these local places for lunch during the week (if you’re a senior of course).


McAlister’s Deli:

Price – $1.36 for a side (only option)

Cheesiness – 6

Richness – 7

Flavor – 6.5

Texture – 7

Noodle Quality – 5

Distance from KHS – 1.7 miles (6 minutes)

Overall – 7

McAlister’s Deli’s mac and cheese was overcooked and not as cheesy as the dish should be. Our advice would be to get it with one of their famous baked potatoes. It was not worth the low price, because it was mushy.


New Day Gluten Free:

Price – $5.99

Cheesiness – 8

Richness – 8.5

Flavor – 8

Texture – 9

Noodle Quality – 9

Distance from KHS – 7.6 miles (19 minutes)

Overall – 8.25

New Day’s gluten free mac and cheese was just as good as any other. It has extra cheese on top to add to the rich flavor. The dish comes with a gluten free breadstick that is perfect for dipping.


St. Louis Bread Company:

Price – $4.99 for a cup

Cheesiness – 10

Richness – 8

Flavor – 7

Texture – 5

Noodle Quality – 6

Distance from KHS – 1.9 miles (6 minutes)

Overall – 9

St. Louis Bread Company’s mac and cheese is very cheesy, almost too cheesy. Our biggest issue was how liquidy the cheese was. The noodles were also a tad crunchy and should be cooked longer. Our advice is to get a side of French bread to dip in the mac and cheese to soak up some of the cheese. It was worth the price, even though it does come out of a bag.


California Pizza Kitchen:

Price – $4.99

Cheesiness –  7.5

Richness – 6

Flavor – 9

Texture – 9

Noodle Quality – 8.5

Distance from KHS – 3.1 miles (9 minutes)

Overall – 9

California Pizza Kitchen’s crispy mac ‘n’ cheese is well worth the try. It is fried with a flavorful panko breading on the outside that isn’t too thick, as to take away from the mac ‘n’ cheese itself. It also comes served on a creamy cheese sauce, which we would recommend dipping the bites in. It had great texture, and was cooked just right. It comes as a four piece appetizer, which is well worth the price and perfect for sharing with friends.


Noodles and Company:

Price – $4.49 for a small

Cheesiness – 9

Richness – 9

Flavor – 8

Texture – 9

Noodle Quality – 10

Distance from KHS – 4.2 miles (9 minutes)

Overall – 9.5

Noodles and Company has our favorite mac and cheese by far. The cheese is given to you on top of the noodles, so be sure to stir it in completely to get the full effect. To make this dish even better we recommend adding protein, like grilled chicken. It was worth the price, because the noodles were really high quality, there was a perfect amount of cheese and you got the most for your money.


photos by Julia Bailey and Gabi Baker

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