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St. Louis is a hub for all kinds of music, from Chuck Berry, pioneer of rock and roll, to superstar rapper Nelly, St. Louis hits on all music spectrums. To truly experience this community, concerts are the way to go.

Sarah Nash

The Drums

Indie pop band transformed to one-man act, The Drums, is taking star Jonathan Pierce’s’ latest hit album “Abysmal Thoughts,”to the stage. The artist is coming to downtown St. Louis from Omaha, NE. to visit his fans at the 750-person capacity music venue The Ready Room, with ticket prices starting at $16 Nov. 8. Pierce’s new album focuses on the cycle of heartbreak and the different emotions of the process. The album’s unique rhythms in every song will keep you dancing with the crowd even if you are in Pierce’s “Abysmal Thoughts.”

Songs to Listen for: “Shoot the Sun Down” and “Days

Sarah Nash


Edgy R&B singer SZA recently came into the spotlight with her new album, “Ctrl” which placed first on the iTunes bestselling charts two days after its release on June 9. SZA is making two appearances in St. Louis at The Ready Room Dec. 17 and 20. The $84 tickets are selling quick so be sure to grab yours soon. The popular artist was born here in St. Louis so these specific shows will be even more meaningful and emotional than the last concert in Louisville, Ky. Whether or not you get the chance to see our fellow Missourian tuned R&B star in concert, you should still give her popular album a listen.

Songs to Listen for: “Supermodel” and “Drew Barrymore

Sarah Nash

St. Vincent

The artist St. Vincent, originally known as Annie Erin Clarke, has been through her fair share of different bands. Clarke’s current act has stuck since 2007 and for good reason. Vincents’ indie rock mixed with throwback beats makes her specific sounds widely praised especially with her latest self-titled album. The Pageant will host the experimental artist for $36 Nov. 20. Be sure to see this rising artist in concert while you still can.

Song to Listen For: “Cheerleader” and “Digital Witness

Sarah Nash

Jon Bellion

Rising R&B/hip-hop star, Jon Bellion, will be stopping by St. Louis on his tour showcasing his newest popular album “The Human Condition” Oct. 19 at The Pageant. His growing fame peaked with his most recent album which was streamed tens of millions of times within the first few months of its release, landing a number five spot on Billboard’s top albums list. Bellion doesn’t just cover the hip hop side of music but also dabbles in indie-rock and soft pop. No matter which type of music you like, Bellion’s concert is sure to please with his broad range of styles and beats.

Songs to Listen For: “Overwhelming” and “Weight of the World