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Kelley Cochran and Audrey Berns

Imo’s Pizza

Crust: 1

Sauce: 4

Cheesiness: 4.5

Look: 2.5

Overall (average): 3

A staple for St. Louis cuisine, Imo’s Pizza is a classic go-to. If you don’t like to eat oven-baked cardboard, then the crust may not be your favorite. Even though the provel cheese rates high, it’s looks are very unappetizing because it appears burnt. With the cheesiness and sauce put together, the taste reminds you of home. Plus it makes for the best cold, leftover pizza the next day.


MOD Pizza

Crust: 2.5

Sauce: 3

Cheesiness: 1.5

Look: 4

Overall (average): 2.75

As a customizable pizza shop, MOD Pizza stands out as a great place to go when you and your friends have little time and can’t decide on a pizza topping to share. The rush of the pizza doesn’t allow for it to be cooked to perfection like other pizza places. We tried the “Maddy” pizza is just the average red sauce pizza with mozzarella cheese on it. The sauce had a slight kick to it but the cheese felt unnaturally chewy.


Racanelli’s New York Pizzeria

Crust: 5

Sauce: 4

Cheesiness: 4

Look: 3

Overall (average): 4

In the heart of downtown Kirkwood lies Racanelli’s New York Pizzeria with pizza you can buy by the slice or as a full pie. With New York style slices as large as your head and the perfect cheese to sauce ratio, you get what you pay for. Having the highest overall average, it was almost the perfect slice of pizza because of the exceptionally fresh tasting crust. It felt as though it had come straight out of the oven and not stored in a freezer. For it to be perfect, the appearance of it could have been less greasy and the sauce could have had a tad more flavor.


Domino’s Pizza

Crust: 3

Sauce: 3

Cheesiness: 4

Look: 3

Overall (average): 3.25

Domino’s Pizza, the classic chain pizza restaurant, serves as a good place to order for large groups of people as it is easy to please almost everyone. It falls a little on the artificial side, especially with the crust tasting almost stale because of how hard it is to bite into the crust. But when you take a bite of the slice, the cheese strings off, just how a pizza is supposed to.


Dewey’s Pizza

Crust: 5

Sauce: 4.5

Cheesiness: 2

Look: 4

Overall (average): 3.88

If you are looking for a higher-end, sit-down pizza restaurant, Dewey’s is the perfect place to go out with a smaller group of friends. The sauce tastes like it comes from a fancy Italian restaurant and has a unique sweet flavor. The only downfall of the pizza is how chewy the cheese is; it is similar to that of chewing gum. You are also able to watch them make your pizza which provides an experience unlike other pizza places.


Hunt Brothers Hunk a Pizza from Mobile On the Run

Crust: 0

Sauce: 0

Cheesiness: 0

Look: 0

Overall (average): 0

This pizza was downright NASTY. One bite of this pizza caused immediate disgust and gagging. The look of the pizza represents exactly what it tastes like. Barf. It felt like eating a piece of Domino’s pizza that had been left in a fridge for twenty years, moldy and foul.

Top Picks

Katie’s pick: Dewey’s Pizza

Dewey’s Pizza is my favorite because not only is the pizza my personal favorite overall, but it is a great place that reminds you of the community of Kirkwood. It is also a place where you sitting down at a meal together with others whether it be friends or family.


Abby’s pick: Imo’s Pizza

My favorite pizza is from Imo’s because of how unique it is. You won’t find that thin of pizza with provel cheese on top anywhere else. I especially love how it sort of unites most St. Louisans with a common love for a place only found around here.