Your summer bucketlist

Melanie Witt, copy editor

Summer approaches and the days slowly pass as students wait in anticipation for freedom. However, this excitement quickly diminishes when KHS students realize where they live: Missouri, or better known as misery. There are always the typical summer activities like going to the pool, just chilling with friends, Tromo, etc., but these get boring fast. So here is a bucket list of things for you and your friends to do near St. Louis this summer when you are overwhelmed with boredom.


-Castlewood is becoming basic, but there’s always other cool hiking areas that aren’t too far from Kirkwood. Although St. Louis summer humidity is horrible, it’s important for everyone to get outside and enjoy the few cool views we have. Elephant Rocks, Klondike Park and Hawn State Park are all a reasonable drive away and allow you to get out of the city/suburbs.


-Outdoor concerts are one of the best things about summer. Check out the lineup for artists performing at Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre and see if any appeal to you. The lawn seats are usually a pretty reasonable price and they’re more fun anyway because you aren’t restricted to your seat. Although there is an abundance of country artists, any concert is a fun time.


-Take a weekend away. Everyone gets sick of St. Louis in the summer and sometimes a full on vacation is too much work, so take you and your friends on a short trip away. Even if it’s just a visit to a lake house, getting away is always nice. There’s also cool places to take a day trip to like swimming at Fugitive Beach or Johnson’s Shut-Ins. Anything is better than laying around at the neighborhood pool yet again.


-Explore some of St. Louis’ summer festivals. Although this sounds like something appealing towards an older audience, there are so many to choose from range throughout the whole summer. From Shakepeare Festival (June 1-24) to Pridefest St. Louis (June 23-24) to Fair St. Louis (July 4, 6 and 7) to Festival of Nations (August 25-26), all of these are free admission.


-Check out some of the cool restaurants around St. Louis. Whether you are looking for something casual or you and your friends like to dress up to go somewhere nice, there is a huge variety that many don’t know about. Be sure to step out of your comfort zone and try something new from a new culture or a dish you’ve never heard of. Some of the best restaurants are located in the Loop, Central West End and Tower Grove. Whatever you do, venture away from Cane’s and Bread Co.