Top five entertainment stories of 2018

art by Ceila Bergman

Ceila Bergman

art by Ceila Bergman

TKC Staff

When it comes to entertainment, TKC staffers make it their mission to deliver nothing less than the best. Pleasing audience members via a spectrum of carpool karaoke sessions with teachers, winter holiday quizzes as well as album reviews from and up and coming artists not only interest KHS students, but has allowed them to further engage with student journalism more than ever in 2018. With an abundance of endless creativity ranging from Molly Higgin’s piece tackling ethnic misrepresentation in Hollywood, “Misrepresent-ASIAN” to Benji Wilton’s album review regarding one newer obscure performer, we’ve got you covered on what you’d like to see.

5 underrated STL restaurants – Grace Fearheiley, Maddie Meyers and Elliott Notrica

Pion-Ear: Anderson  .Paak. – Benji Wilton

Represent-ASIAN – Molly Higgins

Landmark Cinemas Present: A24 Films – Malcia Greene

6 ways to work your winter wardrobe – Maddie Hawes