They lived only seven minutes away from each other. Both juniors; one at KHS, one at WGHS, both attended the Friendship Dance separately and a year later, they met on Tumblr. 

Molly Sheridan, senior, and Quinn Coffman, senior at WGHS, met each other on Tumblr after Coffman liked a post of Sheridan’s about music and from there, a conversation sparked up

“Quinn just messaged me about it and we began to talk more,” Sheridan said. “We then realized ‘Oh my God, we’re both from Missouri. Oh my God, we’re both from St. Louis. Oh my God, you go to Webster? I go to Kirkwood. Oh my God, we’re both juniors.’”

According to Coffman, despite doubt from his friends about the possibility of a catfish, there was never a doubt in his head about the girl behind the screen being genuine. They met a week later at Panera. 

“Meeting someone in person from online, it was a little stressful,” Coffman said.“By our first date, we exchanged Snapchats, so I was certain I wasn’t being catfished, I just had no experience meeting someone online.”

For Sheridan’s mom, she was a little bit worried, but trusted her daughter’s judgement. 

“I asked her about it, and she said it was fine,” Allison Sheridan said. “It helped that he went to WG and they had friends in common.” 

According to Sheridan, she felt better about her daughter meeting Coffman after she texted her about the whole experience along with meeting him before a winter dance. 

“I thought he was a nice person, I was happy to meet him in person,” Sheridian said. “We understood why Molly liked him.” 

According to Sheridan, she wasn’t worried about meeting Coffman because there wasn’t time for being catfished. After some small talk to get to know each other, they hit it off and began dating January 2018. 

“I’m crazy lucky,” Coffman said. “The chances of meeting online and living so close is ridiculous.”

According to Sheridan, it was great they did live close enough that they were able to have a real-life relationship because online personality is different from in real life, however, this doesn’t change how she feels about how they met. 

“If I met Quinn in person, our whole relationship would be entirely different,” Sheridan said. “Based on how we saw each other for the first time.” 

According to Coffman, meeting people online is much easier and for some people, they are perfect for each other online but don’t want to do long distances. He’s glad that he got the opportunity to meet Sheridan in the way he did. 

“When I locked eyes with Khalil, there was a zing,” Lizz Terry, junior, said. “I just felt it.” 

Meeting on the bleachers during Freshman Day, Link Leader Terry and incoming freshman Khalil Webb had a feeling that they should be together. 

According to Webb, she was cute but due to the age difference of a year and 5 months, he didn’t know what to do about his crush on Terry. He decided to take a risk and make a bold statement and yell, “Will you go to homecoming with me?” across the hallway to Terry. She didn’t know him well enough yet to say yes, so they exchanged Snapchats and Terry asked him to hang out on the weekend. They began dating in October. 

“I was just thinking that ‘he’s a freshman, but he’s super fine,’” Terry said. “I’m a junior, so it would be weird to date a freshman, and I thought he was mean, like other freshmen, but he’s not.” 

According to Webb, he was nervous about talking to Terry because he was worried that she would see him as a kid and not for the person he is. His original thought was “Do I have a chance?” Although they liked each other, their relationship hasn’t always been easy. They were met with drama and judgment from friends when they began their relationship due to the age difference. According to Webb, he didn’t care about the age difference.

“People stopped being my friend once we started dating,” Webb said. “[My friends] thought I could do better.” 

Despite their struggles, they never doubted their relationship and the situation only made them stronger. According to Terry, people shouldn’t judge couples based on appearance or an age difference like theirs because it’s their relationship and it’s valid. That’s why they believe that it doesn’t matter if couples meet in person or in real life, as long as they are a match. 

“I love her,” Webb said.