Rating KHS traditions


Audrey Blaine

Though COVID-19 made many KHS spring traditions impossible, the graduation parade is one that will hopefully stay.

Graduation Parade–COVID-19 may have kept seniors from experiencing many of the second semester traditions, but I’m all for this one becoming a regular event. A super sweet and fun experience that’s a lot more hype than regular graduation. 10/10 (+1 for good weather).

Turkey Day–As long as we win, 9/10. If Webster somehow manages to sell their souls for a win, then 1/10. But after 7 consecutive years of winning, the Frisco Bell will stay where it belongs and this tradition gets a high rating from me.

Hallway Decorating–I love this Turkey Week tradition, and can’t wait for our senior year so we can finally win. I can even accept the tradition of letting the seniors always win. Even though the class of ‘22 was a little bitter, we know we’ll get our turn. 9/10 (-1 for tearing down months of work in less than an hour).

Activities Fair/Pep Rally–A good kickoff to the year. It’s really exciting and simple. Signing up for clubs is a fun kind of chaos, and I love screaming along to “Sweet Caroline.” 7/10.

Senior Prank–Pretty entertaining if the loudspeaker takeover I got to experience is any indication. I find the concept fun as long as it is harmless. Confuse, don’t abuse. 7/10 in memory of Jared Goudsmit (class president of the class of 2019).

“Pop out”–Admit it. You’ve said it at least once. It started ironically on the announcements for games and events and then it became a thing. At this point, it’s just better to accept defeat and “pop out.” 6/10 for spreading like the plague.

Senior Skit–Creativity on point, gym big screen not so much. It’s always funny and creative, but hard to see everything that’s going on. 6/10 (-2 for us vision impaired squinting from the bleachers).

Chili Bowl–I love food as much as anyone, but having done this twice (once as a vegetarian) there aren’t many things you can eat if you have dietary restrictions. There’s only so many Ted Drewes cups you can eat in one night. 5/10.

At this point, it’s just better to accept defeat and ‘pop out.’”

Mr. KHS–Gotta give Pommies props for finding enough guys willing to do this. I’ve never been, but it’s fun to watch clips of the antics and see who wins. 5/10.

Turkey Day Pep Rally/Bonfire–I love pep rallies. And being an introvert, that’s quite the statement. That being said, there’s an excessive amount of school spirit during Turkey Day Week, and the bonfire part just isn’t worth it. 4/10.

Yummy Yam Day–This Behnam English class tradition is a little more exclusive, but the shirts are impossible to miss. Sadly, I had Turley sophomore year — and we didn’t even get to play kickball (thanks COVID). 3/10 for exclusivity.

Friendship Dance–Okay look, we didn’t have snacks when it was at KHS, but at least you can touch our handrails. It would be much more fun if it were separate from Webster and running out of tickets would be a thing of the past. 2/10.