Turkey Week schedule


Audrey Blaine

Turkey Week is the longest held tradition at KHS, but both freshmen and sophomores have yet to experience the true spirit of Turkey Day.

Turkey Day is the longest-running and most loved tradition at KHS the hallway decorations, pep rally and game itself are central parts of KHS students’ high school experience. However, after Turkey Week was cancelled due to COVID-19 in 2021, both the freshmen and sophomores are experiencing the true spirit of Turkey Day for the first time. If you’re an underclassman and not sure what to expect, read ahead to find out what makes Turkey Week so special. 

Monday: Monday is Tacky Day, so deck yourself out in the ugliest colors you can find (A.K.A. orange and black). You may be tired after staring at these gross colors all day, but prepare to stay after school to help set up your class hallway. This will be a late night, so get homework done and out of the way over the weekend.

Tuesday: Tuesday is Spirit Day — pile on as much red and white as possible to show your Kirkwood spirit as you walk through the decorated hallways (especially the senior hall). Classes will be shortened on this day so that all students can attend the pep-rally. Prepare to cheer for your Pommies and cheerleaders before the annual Senior Skit. Finally, DON’T mess up battle cry. This is the seniors’ last pep rally, and they don’t want to spend it waiting for freshmen to figure out a five word chant.  

Wednesday: Happy Thanksgiving break! There are no classes on Wednesday, but you and your family should still show up to school in the evening for Thanksgiving events. The night starts off at 5 p.m. with the Chili Bowl , where restaurants from around Kirkwood serve their chilis in the cafeteria, competing to see who has the best recipe. After you’re full of chili, move to the gym at 7 p.m. to watch the pep rally. Afterward, stay warm with some hot chocolate around the bonfire held on the field behind the gym. 

Thursday: Game day: Arrive early to get the best seat and dress warm. Even if it’s 60 degrees on Thanksgiving morning, you’ll be freezing by the time the game starts. Once again, wear your Kirkwood colors, and cheer as loud as possible while the KHS football team destroys Webster and takes home (or rather, keeps home) the Frisco Bell. 

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P.S. Don’t forget to pick up TKC’s Turkey Day issue at the game to learn more about the history and people behind the tradition, as well as senior quotes and profiles.