And it went like this…


Harper Heaps

First kisses don’t go as planned, some KHS students share their first kiss experience.

 “My first kiss was good. He asked me if he could [kiss me], and I said yes. It was so goals, and I am still dating him today.” –Mara Mueller, sophomore

 “It was Halloween, and me and all my friends were in a car. My friend tried to kiss me and I was trying to beat my other friend in getting a first kiss so I was like ‘OK,’ and we kissed.” -Sophia Zimmerman, senior 

“[My first kiss] was with my boyfriend and my dad walked upstairs [where my boyfriend and I were]. The only thing I knew to do was to [run over] to my couch and act like I was doing yoga to [cover] up that I was doing anything.” -Logan Jones, junior

“My first kiss was with this boy who lived down the street from me. I would always go to his house and one day we were outside and he said I could go for it, so I did.” -Mckenzie Sosa, freshman

 “I was in his basement. We were probably watching something about hockey and we were eating Cheez-Its. I stole the box from him and there was some sort of tension and we just kissed.” -Maddie Rowan, junior

“My first kiss was at a Chaminade mixer in seventh grade when [I liked] one of my friends and she liked me. It was kind of weird and awkward for both of us.” Jed Holliday, sophomore

“I was like ‘Would you want to kiss?’ I was so scared after I asked and she said ‘I don’t know how.’ I froze because I didn’t know what to say to that. I told her I didn’t know how to either, and we kissed and I almost bumped into her nose. She gave me a fist bump after because it was both of our first kisses.” -Jack Cannon, junior

“[My first kiss] was with my first boyfriend my sophomore year. It was in his car and he went in for the kiss, then drew back nervously, and then went in again. It was the most awkward experience ever.” -Tara Behnam, senior

It can be rare to have a good first kiss story, but some of these KHS students have one. (Harper Heaps)

“[My first kiss] was at a party and we were playing spin the bottle. It was super embarrassing and awkward.” -Calpurnia Durnin, freshman

“My first kiss was at Saint Peter’s in the back where the trash cans are and his friend kept spying on us. The whole experience was terrible.” -Rachel Barker, senior

“[My first kiss] was at a dance in seventh grade, and we were about to leave and we kissed. It was nothing special, just [an] average seventh grade peck.” -Joe Ross, sophomore

“[My first kiss] was in preschool with my boyfriend Tyler. We were playing at recess [when] he pulled me under the slide and kissed me. I started crying immediately and the teacher put us both in timeout. You could say it was a moment to remember.” -Cameron Forness, sophomore

“It was last summer at my cabin [and] we were on this wooden platform that overlooked the woods. We were sitting out there and it just happened.” -Evan Clevland, junior