Greentree Parade 2022: a performance review


Katie Bowers

Members of the KHS Pioneer Marching Band perform in the 2022 Greentree Parade.

The Greentree Parade has been a Kirkwood tradition for over fifty years. It’s a time when the community comes together and celebrates not only the town’s history, but those who give it meaning. Schools, studios, businesses and more come together to represent what Kirkwood is all about: the community – while simultaneously throwing candy to children. Sadie Moore, sophomore, has been attending the Greentree Parade her whole life. 

“It’s a big thing for my family,” Moore said. “We would always go and sit by Walgreens and watch. [Then] we’d go home and count our candy and organize it.” 

It’s a time when the community comes together and celebrates not only the town’s history, but those who give it meaning.”


She said that her favorite part of the parade is seeing her elementary school’s float. Visiting the interesting floats that the community creates each year and the people she knows performing are the highlights of Moore’s day. 

“I liked seeing people I knew this year because I didn’t know people [in the parade] before,” said Moore. “I didn’t go last year, so I didn’t get a chance to see who was in [the parade].”

Ashley Moenkhoff, sophomore, said her favorite part of the parade is seeing people she knows being involved in the performances. She especially liked watching the dancers from Nimoli Dance Studio. She said even though it is not her own studio, she enjoys what the Nimoli dancers bring to the parade. 

“They always have a lot of energy,” Moenkhoff said. “I feel like they bring a lot to the parade.”

She said she attends the parade because it is customary in Kirkwood. 

“I feel it’s something a lot of people do,” said Moenkhoff. “[People always ask], ‘Did you go see the Greentree Parade?’” 

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According to Claire Krob, freshman, a common obstacle spectators face is finding a spot to watch the parade. Krob woke up at 6:30 am to secure a spot by the Kirkwood Deli. 

“I go [to the parade] because I really like to see the creativity of the floats,” Krob said. “[Of course], I also go for candy.”

Moore, Moenkhoff and Krob all said that they will continue to attend the Greentree Parade in the future, seeing as it is such a big tradition. They all have a lot of fun pointing out people they know in the parade and watching their favorite performances.