Five things to look forward to in fall


Holland Hilgendorf

Everyone looks forward to fall, I mean how couldn’t you?

Everyone looks forward to fall, I mean how couldn’t you? The weather is amazing and you get to wear comfy sweatshirts and Ugg slippers. The leaves drop and pumpkin spice lattes have returned. You also can’t forget that Halloween is right around the corner, and everyone knows it’s the best holiday. As much as I love fall, I never take full advantage of all the fun autumn festivities the area has to offer. As a result, I have compiled the ultimate fall to-do list.


The Summit All Seasons Market. This market is open all season, but there is nothing like fall at a farmers market. They have over 30 different kinds of pumpkins in their Great Pumpkin Patch, so, if you like carving pumpkins as much as I do, this sounds like heaven. They also have a “Fall Fun Zone” for the younger crowd, so if you have siblings or babysit, this is a great place to keep the kids busy.


The Turkey Day game. This would not be a complete list of fall activities if the famous Turkey Day game wasn’t included. Kirkwood has been on a winning streak against Webster and does not plan on losing to them anytime soon. Leading up to this game is the Chili Bowl and pep rally, which are large events for the Kirkwood community as they are a long standing tradition. This year the Turkey Day face-off will be at Webster, but I expect to see a sea of red and white cheering on the best football team in St. Louis.


The Webster Hills Pumpkin Patch. If you are brave enough to venture into enemy territory, make sure to visit the Webster Hills United Methodist Church Pumpkin Patch. All of the proceeds go back to the community, so not only are you enjoying a fun activity, but also participating in something with a good cause. The baby pumpkins are not only adorable, but well priced too. 


Hallway decorating and the Friendship Dance. While these two things are the furthest away time wise, I am so excited about them. I think everyone is ready for a normal school year with these exciting activities coming up. Each grade gets to choose a theme to decorate their hallway. The higher the grade you are in the later you get to stay on the last night of hallway decorating, this is something you do not want to leave early from.


Bonfires and scary movies. Gathering your friends up, starting a bonfire, roasting marshmallows and putting on a classic scary movie is the best way to spend a chilly evening this fall. Some may say this is basic, but I think it is a staple fall activity that everyone needs to participate in.