Top five Thanksgiving traditions


Emery Bowman

People yelling in the kitchen, kids running around and family reuniting.


People yelling in the kitchen, kids running around and family reuniting. Thanksgiving. To many, it is not a great holiday, but a gateway into Christmas. It is often over looked. However, some aspects of Thanksgiving create life long memories for families across the country. Here’s a breakdown of the top five Thanksgiving traditions to participate in this fall.


5- Black Friday: While this isn’t necessarily bonding time for the family, it is a treat for many after a tiring Thanksgiving weekend. The holidays can be stressful, and the best stress reliever for me is knowing I will have a cute outfit to wear the next day. My favorite part is the sales. Finding an overpriced shirt 50% off is a great way to treat yourself. But the loud crowds decrease Black Friday’s shot at gold.


4- The Turkey Trot: Some of my most cherished holiday memories growing up are running the neighborhood race every Sunday before Thanksgiving with my dad. The runs across the country help many families to create something special together every year. Another one of my favorites was the race North Glendale held each year. The school-held Turkey Day Race gives students a chance to connect with each other through friendly competition, even if it means beating your best friend.


3: Thanksgiving football: The Turkey Day game is a way to see friends and add fun to your Thanksgiving. It is best done at KHS when we beat Webster every year. Football is tied to Thanksgiving from the high school level to the NFL. Whether it’s a family friendly game or a big rivalry match, football is an important part of the holiday to many.


2- Thanksgiving food: One of the best parts of Thanksgiving is the delicious food on the table. For me, the crescent rolls, mashed potatoes and pumpkin chocolate chip bread are superior to all other. Although, you can’t forget the grand part of the meal– turkey. The delicious Thanksgiving dinner is what makes the dreadful conversations worth it.

1- Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade: As a kid, this was always my family’s favorite thing to watch. Whether you’re enjoying it from your living room or the cold streets of New York City, the parade is something everyone can have fun with. From the colorful floats, singers and dancers to the band, the parade is a great way to start your Thanksgiving.