How much do you know about the new teachers: Kathleen Youngbauer

Abby Christensen, news writer

Kathleen Youngbauer, math teacher, first did practicum work in skilled nursing before switching to education. She said she chose teaching because it suited family life better.
Youngbauer said that she wanted to teach at KHS because of the school’s prestige and challenging curriculum.

“Kirkwood has a long-standing reputation for being one of the best,”  Youngbauer said.

She said she loves KHS so far, and the students’ mindsets are different at KHS than at other schools.

“The thing that stands out most is the respect. The respect the students show the teachers, and also that they show each other,” Youngbauer said.

She said kids are willing to take ownership for themselves, and that when you look beyond KHS, it is not that way everywhere.
Youngbauer wants students to know it’s never too late to do what they want. She said she did life a little backward, raising a family before going to school. She always wanted to teach, and she never gave up on it.

“Just because things happen in your life doesn’t mean that you won’t reach that goal,” Youngbauer said. “It is never too late to reach the dream.”