Deets from a dealer

Deets from a dealer

March 26, 2014

Two Call staffers interviewed a KHS student who had been a drug dealer for more than a year. For the safety of the person interviewed, the names of those involved have been changed.


TKC: Why did you deal drugs?

I was best friends with the person I bought from, so it just made sense to [deal] I guess, and it was just fun. I liked it. I was dealing weed and Xanax. I haven’t for a few months because I started getting in trouble, not with the police, but I got close to getting caught by my dad, and it wasn’t worth it.


TKC: Why did you stop?

I don’t know. I felt so dumb because I didn’t have a need to do it. I didn’t use the money I made from it on anything important. I wound up making almost $10,000 in about a year, so that’s really awesome, but I wound up spending it on stupid things and I have hardly any [money] left. I liked the friends [dealing] brought me. I liked always being able to provide for people I guess.


TKC: Do you think dealing drugs was ultimately worth it?

I don’t regret doing it. I had a lot of fun with it and I met a lot of great people. You’re automatically friends with people if they smoke and you sell, and if you’re chill enough. I still hang out with some of the people I met from my dealing. I don’t know if I would ever consider it a long-term thing. It just got scary, everyone was getting caught and no one knew how. I watched a best friend, Jeremy*, who was also one of my dealers, get arrested while I was in the car, and I talked my way out of it. So I just got lucky a few too many times for me to consider doing it more.


TKC: So what was your customer base?

I had maybe 20 to 30 percent of my customers in [the] Kirkwood [area], and then a bunch in Ladue, a bunch in Chesterfield, and a bunch at parties when girls would get drunk and say “Hey I want some weed!” and I’d say “I got you!” It was great because I would get mine from someone that no one else knew, so [the weed] was a lot better than a lot of people’s were. I liked impressing people with that, like “I’m a 15-year-old girl, but I can get better weed than you.” Probably over the course of the year I worked with 100, maybe 120 people.  It was sometimes with people where I would give it to them at parties and never see them again.


TKC: Have you ever brought any weed to school?

I wouldn’t try to sell at school that much, because one time I brought weed in my backpack on accident and the whole class could smell it. It was so embarrassing, and I had no idea what to do with it. I couldn’t open my backpack or anything, and it was just really more frightening than it’s worth.


TKC: Where would you go to make deals?

Really plenty of spots, the less sketchy the better. I’d lay it out in my car’s arm console, and they’d just come and get in my car and take it. Any parking lot [would do].


TKC: How did you end up getting out of drug dealing?

I didn’t like how I was always busy. I had to plan my nights around when people needed me, because if they didn’t get it they’d blow up my phone. It was just not worth it, and  I saw too many of my friends get in legal trouble.


TKC: Where ultimately do the drugs come from?

Most people get it from someone that drives to Michigan or Colorado or California, or flies and has it shipped to them. I know a lot of people that get it off of the Silk Road. That’s an online thing where you can order drugs, and it’s really anonymous. It’s cheaper, and it’s really trafficked. I didn’t think it would work, but I’ve seen it work so many times with so many different drugs. A lot of people think dealing is sketchier than it is. It’s not sketchy at all, it’s just in and out. Most of my clients were private school kids. I would meet up with a kid in a new car to throw me twenty bucks for a blunt’s worth of weed. I didn’t go down to trap houses in East St. Louis and buy; I would buy from skinny, white boys in Chesterfield. It’s not anything like people think. It’s not a shady business. Once you get up there, like cartel kind of stuff is really shady, but high school drug dealing isn’t bad.


TKC: Did you ever sell harder stuff?

[Besides weed and Xanax,] I’ve sold Vicodin and a lot of pharmaceuticals, and I’ve been with people that move heroin, but I’ve never done it. I’ve never considered doing it. It’s way too much for me. And none of my friends use it. They just move it, and that’s weird. That’s sketchy. I don’t like that at all. But I’ve never done anything more, like moved meth or coke or heroin.


TKC: Do you ever feel bad about dealing drugs?

I feel bad for my parents, because they have no idea. They’re oblivious; I have no idea how they don’t know. I think it’s that they don’t want to know; they don’t want to assume that I would ever do that. So I’m okay with that.

TKC: So you never actually got in trouble?

No, never. I’ve gotten lucky a lot. I’ve gotten out of an MIP and I’ve gotten out of a DUI. I wasn’t drunk—I blew a 0.06 (percent blood alcohol concentration), but I was still drinking and behind the wheel so my car smelled like alcohol. But I got out of that. Now that I’m 17 it’s gotten real. You get tried as an adult at 17. There’s no backdoor minor thing. Over an ounce is felony amounts of weed and nobody wants felonies.


TKC: Have you ever gotten into a dangerous situation from dealing?

Yeah, I watched my best friend Michelleo* get robbed at gunpoint. He was my dealer, and a kid called him and said “You know where I can get two ounces?” and he was like “Yeah, I’ll set it up.” [The dealer we were setting the robber up with] had like four more ounces in his car, but this kid got away with two of them. [During the exchange] I was in the car texting, and I looked up and this kid just has a gun, straight in Michelleo’s face, and it was terrifying. My heart stopped and I had no idea what to do—I didn’t know if they were going to get shot. Now looking back on it, we were in Chesterfield Mall parking lot, so there were 20 people that could have seen. No one was going to get shot, but this kid got away with it.


TKC: How much money is an ounce?

They range from $240 to $320 depending on who you know and how dumb you look. If some girl on 4/20 calls you and asks for an ounce and you don’t think they’ve ever seen an ounce of weed before, you can cut their bag—take a quarter out of it and sell it to them for $320. They will have no idea. If you know the right people you can get it for $240 on the low end. If I was selling an ounce, I would buy for $230 and I would sell it for $280 or $290. A lot of people don’t like to sell grams, because it’s so small, and having that much traffic makes it sketchier. I would do that because a gram could be less than $10, and if you sell if for $20 you’re making over 100 percent profit. I would make a lot of money through that. The smaller the bag, the more money you make.

TKC: Why do you like to smoke weed?

Smoking is a lot less destructive than being drunk. You don’t drunk text; texting people while high is not the same. You come up with weird ideas, like wanting to have miniature manatees in a fishbowl, but you don’t text your ex-boyfriend “Please love me!” I also think it’s harder to get caught.


TKC: Where would you keep everything? How does that work?

I would have [the cash] in my wallet. I learned to keep everything on me. I used to have this huge dufflebag, a Victoria’s Secret one. It was really tacky, and I had everything in it: paraphernalia, weed, alcohol, everything. I would bring it in my car, or I would hide it somewhere outside my house, so it would always be there, together. I didn’t have to worry about five other hiding places, and I never got caught.


TKC: Do you have anything, like words of wisdom now that you’re out of it?

I think I would have talked to the friends that I saw getting arrested. I would have said “You’re doing something wrong,” because everyone knew who was going to get caught next, who was slipping up the most. I just don’t see how it was so easy for me to be away from everything and not have any trail and not get in trouble. I guess I would have helped them be more incognito about it.

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