One man’s can is another man’s treasure

This trophy, created by Bob Becker, is awarded each year to the school which collects the most cans.

Holden Foreman

This trophy, created by Bob Becker, is awarded each year to the school which collects the most cans.

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When most Americans look into their pantry they have options. Some base their decisions on taste while others base them on nutrition. According to Feeding America, however, 49.1 million Americans have uncertainty in whether there will be food in the pantry at all. KHS’s canned food drive, led by the Kirkwood Youth Service (KYS), looks to change that with first hour classes bringing in cans from Dec. 1-11.

“It’s a traditional thing to do at the school level as a way for people to pitch in,” Bob Becker, KYS sponsor, said.

The food drive is one of many ways KYS seeks to improve the community, but Becker said it stands apart because anyone can participate. To keep the student body involved, rewards are given to the classes that bring in the most cans. If the incentives of ice cream and pizza parties are not enough, Becker hopes the competition with Webster will also lead to more donations.

“My goal this year is to go around and get the highest participation rate,” Becker said. “It’s great to have a lot of cans brought in, but if they’re only brought by a couple people that’s not as good.”

All cans will be counted and sent to Kirk Care Dec. 11, just in time for its annual Christmas food and gift boxes which are sent to client families.

“It’s good for people to think about the act of giving and wonder, ‘What if I went to my cupboard and really didn’t have anything to eat?’” Becker said. “It’s something we don’t often spend time contemplating.”

There is still time to donate cans and money to first hour classes, but when the canned food drive ends contributions can always be made to Kirk Care on their website. There are people who do not a choice when it comes to hunger, but for those of us who do, the KYS canned food drive is an opportunity to give back.