Worth the weight

According to www.frac.org , more than two-thirds of American adults are struggling with obesity. With the 50,000 fast food restaurants in America and other temptations our society holds, many people try to find ways to stay in shape. Some of those ways are going to the gym daily, dieting or participating in sports. Although they all can contribute to a healthy lifestyle, some ways to lose weight can be dangerous.

According to www.livestrong.com types of dieting such as crash dieting when someone tries to quickly lose weight by cutting down the amount of calories they consume, can increase ones chances of a heart attack. Not only that, but www.livestrong.com also states that long-term dieting can lead to heart muscle loss. Patience is a factor when trying to lose weight while dieting and exercising.

But not all ways of losing weight are dangerous. There are plenty of ways to keep one’s body healthy in the long-run while losing weight. According to www.webmd.com eating lots of fruits and vegetables as well as drinking water can help with safe dieting.

Another healthy way to lose weight and stay in shape is through exercise. Many types of exercise can help prevent heart attacks and premature death according to www.nytimes.com. Even though it can be great protection for serious health problems, www.healthline.com states strenuous exercise can lead to excessive weight loss, undernourishment, fatigue and more. With the many risks and benefits of staying in shape, people should be aware of their actions while trying to losing weight.