Call’s 9 tips for avoiding procrastination

  1. Write-up a list of all the things you need to get done, from most to least important, starting with things you’ve been especially avoiding.


  1. Start with the easy stuff. If there is a specific assignment you’ve been avoiding, worrying about will get you nowhere. Start with the work you’re prepared to do so you get something done in the meantime.


  1. Remove yourself from all electronic distractions, most importantly your phone. Furthermore, pick a quiet space where other people won’t be distracting to you.


  1. If you get distracted easily, have a friend or sibling who also needs to get work done with you so they can call you out on straying from your focus. Bonus: You can help each other out with your problems when needed.


  1. Let others around know that you’re under a time-crunch to get a pile of work done so they’ll be conscious of the situation and won’t bother you in the process.


  1. Manage your time. When it comes to taking breaks, think, “when I’m done with this assignment, I’ll grab a snack, sit down for for ten minutes, then get back to work.” Thinking like this keeps you focused; just never take too long of a break, or you won’t ever get back to working.


  1. When it comes to projects that you have a month-or-so to complete, work on them on days when you have little to no work to do or when you have extra time to spend during homeroom.


  1. If you’ve been putting off studying for a test, bring together your group of friends so you can all help each other study.


    9. Get real. Think about the consequences that could result in you not completing your work and get it done as efficiently as possible.