Your teachers outside of the classroom

Hannah Cohen, social media

Mr. Harig

Tim Harig, social studies teacher, enjoys collecting ceramic tile as a hobby, as well as exercising and hanging out with his family. Harig has no need for these tiles, but buys them anyways.

harig.1000Chloe Hooker
“Everybody knows that the summer is not over until we go there [the tile shop],” Harig said. Harig and his wife, Nabila, visit her native Tunisia every summer.

“It’s one of those places I could close my eyes, spin in a circle, walk, grab something and I would like it,”Harig said.

“To me [the tile store] is almost like a museum, it’s beautiful stuff”.



Dr. Bourque

Dr. June Bourque, biology teacher, enjoys biking, watching sports, gardening and hanging out with her two cats, Miso and Skeets.

bourque.1000Chloe Hooker
“Miso and Skeets are the light of my life,” Bourque said.

Bourque and her cats spend their leisure time outside. “They like me to keep them company, so I sit outside and read with them,” Bourque said.

“I have a really nice outdoor patio and yard with lots of trees and plants.”





Mr. Drew

Simao Drew, English teacher, likes to play baseball & drums, travel and spend time outside in his free time.

drew.700Chloe Hooker
“If it’s just me, myself and I, I just go on long hikes in the woods. Or if I’m with my kids, I’ll take them to the park or [the woods] with me,” Drew said.

“I’ve always been happy outside, since I was a kid, I’ve loved the environment”.

Drew keeps an image right above by his desk to remind him of Africa.

“I put this up because I’ve been to places like this, and it gives them [my students] something to look at.”













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