Moonwalking on sunshine: 300 word features: Davon Tate


His feet glide across the kitchen floor as he bobs his head up and down, blissing out to the music humming in his ears. Singing into an empty paper towel roll, Davon mimics the trademark moves of one of his favorite artists.


Ever since he first noticed Michael Jackson’s signature dance moves in the “Billie Jean” music video, his admiration for the celebrity and his lifestyle was instantaneous.


A few minutes and some newly-acquired musical inspiration later, a 7-year-old Davon was moonwalking his way around his home, headphones blasting in his ears. He hoped his moves did justice to the King of Pop.


Singing and dancing began as an entertaining pastime for Davon. But soon after he realized his potential, he focused more on singing along, trying to learn and mimic all of the lyrics.


At age 16, Davon, now a member of the KHS choir, keeps his eye on his end goal: fame. He envisions himself on billboards and lock screens of iPhones.


He finds musical inspiration from rap songs to smooth jazz. He strives to become better as a singer, influenced by artists like Drake and Fetty Wap.


But Davon won’t settle for just the luxury of fame.


Davon wants his voice to be heard. To make a difference. To walk in the footsteps that Martin Luther King left behind in his dream 54 years ago.


He strays from letting public opinion impact his choices. He wants to be influential, not influenced.


“I’m gonna do me. I don’t care if people like it or not,” he says.


Davon acts boldly, unafraid of what others think. And his mom, dad and sister back him on this. His passionate aura is valued by his family. They encourage him to believe in his goals, so he too can accomplish his dream.