Dreaming of Engineering: 300 word feature: Liam Justin

He ends every one of his conversations with an enthusiastic “Have a good day.” He is an overall positive person, and plans to spread his positivity to others. Liam Justin, 16, wishes to attend one of the most prestigious engineering colleges in the country, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to make a difference in everyday lives by inventing small, everyday items to make peoples’ days go by a little bit smoother.


Though the MIT acceptance rate is only 7.9 percent and the tuition costs $45,016, it is still Liam’s dream to attend. He has always been interested with how and why things work, and he enjoys sketching and designing models of things such as solar powered cars. Last year he took Intro to Engineering, and next year he plans to take Aerospace.


“[I like] the ingenious way that you can make complicated stuff that you never thought you could do. It’s just like ‘Wow,’”

— Liam Justin says


Once, at his grandma’s house, Liam took apart a remote control just to see how it worked. He was fascinated about how something so simple-looking can control a giant electronic box in an infinite amount of ways.


Liam also likes to play video games, which helped spark the fuse for his interest of being an engineer. His favorite game is Minecraft, which allows him to create anything he wants with blocks.


Liam’s dad is a mechanical engineer which inspired his love for engineering in the first place. He sees him as a role model and hopes to go to MIT so he can be just like his dad some day.
Liam understands how difficult it is to get into MIT. He doesn’t really know how he’ll get in yet, but he’s at least going to try. A kid can dream, can’t he?