Half a world away: 300 word features: Isaiah Smart

Soccer will alway be a passion he shares with his dad. It has always been soccer. It has always been running alongside his teammates, working together to reach victory as a team. It has always been the long hours dedicated on the field in order to become more advanced in his sport. It’s the support from his parents and little sister as they watch him play. For Isaiah Smart, freshman, it has always been the “woosh” of the ball in the back of the net that makes the hard work worth it.

Growing up, Isaiah’s passion for soccer grew from a love of watching the Premier Soccer League games and playing in different parks with his dad, Levaughn Smart, to work on developing his soccer skills.

But, it wasn’t always that simple for Isaiah. As he grew up, there were long periods of time when his dad was deployed halfway across the world. His father worked for the Army, assisting units in order to detect and dismantle terrorists networks. This was difficult for Isaiah to adjust to the time spent living away from his father. Although it was tough, Isaiah continued to help his mother and little sister while his father was away as much as he could. Even though his dad wasn’t physically there, Isaiah knew he had his father’s support.

His relationship with his dad has only become stronger since he returned home when Isaiah was 11. Having his dad back was comforting for Isaiah because he knew his dad was right there cheering for him, on and off the field. Having his dad home means Isaiah can have him by his side while his both making goals and reaches his goals.