Senior Profile: JT Arnot

Using his uncle’s diabetic needles, JT Arnot spends hours inserting water into each bubble on the sheet of bubble wrap sitting in front of him. Hoping the hypodermic needle will not cause the surface tension of the water inside to break, he pairs the bubblewrap with other reactants to create an endothermic reaction to form an instant ice effect. However, as water began to pour out of the bubbles, ruining his experiment, JT felt encouraged to try again.

“If you believe in your idea, then you know it can be successful,” JT said. “All that matters is whether the people pursuing it really believed in it or not, and I really believe in my idea.”

After the idea of a hands-free wrap that instantly becomes an ice pack came to JT’s mind sophomore year, he was determined to make it work. After naming it Freeze Foil, his idea advanced and matured. According to JT, finding a way to build a prototype by hand and controlling when the reaction would happen became more and more of a challenge.

“The prototype that I made took so long,” JT said. “It didn’t work really how I wanted it to, and I expected that, but I knew that if I got a manufactured version of my prototype, it’d work perfectly.”

JT then began to further his idea by introducing his product to the public for the first time his junior year during the 30-Day Entrepreneurship Challenge through his business. This challenge is a program designed to help young entrepreneurs showcase their products with the help of his friend Corey Lund, senior, and Santee Nixon, business teacher.

“[JT and I] have been brothers since kindergarten,” Corey said. “We have a lot of things in common, but together we bring a unique skill set to the table.”

Even though they weren’t able to advance in the 30-Day Challenge, they felt encouraged to enter Freeze Foil in a DECA regional competition, a business-based competition that prepares students for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management. Through Freeze Foil, they were able to advance to state, but not to nationals. Again, JT felt more motivated than ever to keep moving with his product.

“I hope our school and the little bit of time I have spent with him will allow him to take more calculated risks because that is JT’s strength,” Nixon said.

JT plans to attend Arizona State University and sees it as a perfect place to continue growing Freeze Foil. He plans to advance his interests in business and science and combine these interests into a career.

“The more that I followed Freeze Foil and the more I kept going through school with the same routine I realized that I didn’t want a desk job,” JT said. “I want to follow my own dream with the thing I want to do it with. Following Freeze Foil has reinforced my thinking that I want to be an entrepreneur and run my own business.”