Best of LouFest


art by Maggie Burton

Malcia Greene, features writer

Looking for something to do this weekend? Look no further. September’s most astounding artists will hit the Lou for a weekend full of melodies and tasty treats in Forest Park. Artists such as Cage the Elephant, Snoop Dogg, Hippo Campus and more will perform in front of thousands of St. Louisans as well as festival travelers who gather at the local event known as LouFest. From Sept. 9-10, beginning at 11 a.m. and ending at 10 p.m., Forest Park will transform STL into a surreal sight making for one unforgettable weekend adventure.

The lineup for Loufest typically includes popular artists as well as bands on the rise. Previous performers include Grouplove, Cherub, Portugal the Man and so on. These smaller acts tend to bring a more vibrant funk with them, radiating energy through their performances to keep the crowd hyped up.

According to festival fanatic Kendall Pilcher, senior, the atmosphere is incredible due to the mellow vibe surrounding the event. Since it is one of the only music festivals in St. Louis, attending it is an absolute must for her.

“The bands are really energetic, and when people play at festivals they usually have a set with their most popular songs and they’re always upbeat,” Pilcher said. “There’s never a time where you’re like, ‘I need to get out of here.’”

For music lovers, even those who are not invested in the lineup, it is still a great opportunity to discover new music. Listening to bands for the first time live is a way for many to  venture outside of their usual music genre.

Bridie Molen, junior, explains that her love for LouFest merely goes back to her lifetime passion of music. Nonetheless, it has provided her with unreal experiences at such a young age.

“Music has been a really big part of my life,” Molen said. “It’s important to listen to new music even if it’s not your genre and be open-minded to different styles of music than what you’re used to.”

Another one of the festival favorites is the Nosh Pit: the food feast in which local vendors come and share their extravagant eats. These vendors are scattered throughout the park in tents and trucks. Favorites such as Dewey’s Pizza, Strange Donuts and Sugarfire are always popular due to the fun festival vibe they bring.

“The Dewey’s [pizza] tastes even more amazing at the festival,” Molen said. “You absolutely have to get something from the food trucks.”

As a whole, LouFest is described by attendees as an inclusive community providing love to all people, no matter their circumstances. Community comes alive while people find new people to connect with. Molen said it was an experience for the books, because of all the love and positivity through the people.

“There’s a lot of diverse people from different cultures,” Molen said. “It’s super cool to be best friends with these people you don’t even know and just dance with them. If you’re in the front of the mosh pit, it’s crazy. You might get your hair pulled out, but it is super fun.”

Rap enthusiast, Joey Mascetti, senior, goes with his friends because of his the experience to hear more beats live. Since his favorite artists do not typically venture down to the midwest, LouFest felt like a dream for him.

“I couldn’t believe how involved the crowd was,” Mascetti said. “I liked that the artists were also really interactive with the audience too.”

If you have not purchased your ticket yet, there is still time left. Tickets are available at the event, but are super limited. Make sure you get there early to experience an event that will delight your ears and open your mind.

“You’re surrounded by a bunch of people that you’ve never known,” Molen said. “[But] by the end of the day, you make like 20 new friends.”