Where are they now: artists

Maddie Coultrip

  • Profession: Graphic designer
  • Location: New York City, New York
  • Class of 2007

“I think that anyone who is in the arts has this desire to create. With the right work life balance and being able to create and make is probably the best part. I’m a believer in putting [my art] out there even when it’s not perfect or finished necessarily and getting feedback and seeing what people respond to outside of my immediate friends. [Also, college] opened my eyes to working with nonprofits and doing design work for good. I was like, oh yeah I can use these skills to benefit other people in other areas. The audience [at the library] is so broad; everything from people who can’t read at all and we have all these free programs that we design things for all the way up to these fancy invitations for galas we throw.”

art courtesy of Maddie Coutrip

Blayne Fox

  • Profession: Digital illustrator
  • Location: St. Louis, Missouri
  • Class of 2014

“I ended up going to Memphis College of Arts for about two years and [made] a lot of good connections there,” Blayne Fox, artist, said. “I was learning more outside of school than inside and ended up leaving and was contacted by Baker and Hill. They asked me if I wanted to work freelance for them by drawing sharks for Shark Week 2016. My favorite part would probably be the creative independence you get, I was lucky enough to not do the grunt work in the beginning. I was able to skip right ahead to doing the creative portion and being able to have my own say on how the designs are.”

art courtesy of Blayne Fox

Clayton Hotze

  • Profession: Photographer and 3D artist
  • Location: St. Louis, Missouri
  • Class of 2011

“At Mizzou I [did] photojournalism and [after college] the [photo] that touched me most was when I was [working] at Arkansas State and I traveled with the football team. Before every game the whole team would gather in a circle and pray together and I backed up and [took a photo] with a different focus than other people do [because] I like shooting a very wide angle lens. In the last three or four months I’ve gotten back into 3D art and I like being able to create things that other people haven’t thought of and innovate the ways that we use the tools that we’re given.”

photo courtesy of Clayton Hotze

Kevin Thayer

  • Profession: Owner of Kevin Thayer Designs LLC and interior designer
  • Location: Chicago, Illinois
  • Class of 2007

“[If I wouldn’t have transferred to Chicago] I think my degree field would completely be in a different direction and I feel like Chicago is such a hub for design. You have a good balance of people who are living in the city and want to do super contemporary design and then you have people who are in more of the suburban area that want something more traditional. If I were to stay out in Colorado I have a feeling it would be a lot more rustic and a different style altogether.”

photo courtesy of Kevin Thayer

Meghan Judd

  • Profession: Animation artist
  • Location: Sheridan College outside Toronto
  • Class of 2014

“What led to my [interest in] animation in particular is my passion for storytelling,” Meghan Judd, animation artist, said. “Animation is using art to tell a story. That’s what I do [and] I love developing characters and worlds [to create a story]. I [hope to] produce my own film or cartoon for a major studio or television network as a storyboard artist one day.”

art courtesy of Meghan Judd

Sara Catapano

  • Profession: Biomorphic sculpture artist
  • Location: Edinboro, Pennsylvania
  • Class of 2007

“Paying attention to different textures and the way things grow, there is an order in nature like large to small, the way leaves are oriented on trees, how moss grows on certain sides of things or how things decay. Mostly it is gory stuff that fuels a lot of [my art], like watching fish rot or growing up watching very strange SIFI it all sort of mixes together. Growing up, I went to the North Carolina beach every summer so that’s really where I got my inspiration.”

photo courtesy of Sara Catapano

Joanna Hoge

  • Profession: User Experiences designer
  • Location: Denver, Colorado
  • Class of 2007

“Making art is intrinsic to who I consider myself to be. It’s a way to be curious about the world, to continue asking questions. I truly believe everyone has this potential.”

photo courtesy of Joanna Hoge