Top five features stories of 2017

TKC Staff

Our goal in features is not only to write stories about people who have done interesting things but also to give a voice to those who might otherwise go unnoticed. TKC believes that everyone has a story, and through feature stories, we strive to prove that. This year we had a variety of pieces, ranging from light-hearted pieces such as “Family feud” where siblings were quizzed about each other, to more serious topics such as “A battle of true Grace” about a student’s battle with Wegener’s disease. Features had a great year, and while these stories may be the top five, there are many more fantastic features that were produced throughout this year.

A battle of true Grace – Megan Cleveland

Same name, different story: Aly Terry – Jack Rintoul

Across an ocean from home – Jonathan Munroe

Where are they now: Erin Schneider – Claire Boysen

Family feud – Annie O’Brien