Teacher music Q&A: Lisa Hellmich

Sophie Chappell, features writer

This series of articles will contain the musical interests of four teachers at KHS: Lisa Hellmich, History teacher, Jason Evans, History teacher, Cindy Kohler, French teacher and Adam Rowland, English teacher. TKC asked about each teacher’s five favorite songs right now as well as their general taste in music.


Lisa Hellmich:

Hellmich’s list consisted of country music, the “Hamilton Soundtrack” and some pop.

“I like music, but I would say it’s not nearly as important [to me] as you’ll see it being to other people,” Hellmich said. “I love listening to music in the car, I like music as background [noise] whenever I’m grading, but it’s more to zone out than anything else.”


Five current favorite songs:

  1. “Dear Theodosia”– “Hamilton Soundtrack”
  2. “You Make It Easy”– Jason Aldean
  3. “Woman, Amen”– Dierks Bentley
  4. “The Middle”– Zedd and Maren Morris
  5. “Get Along”– Kenny Chesney


TKC: Why did you pick these five songs?

H: “I love ‘Dear Theodosia’, it’s really pretty and has a good message behind it that I think was relevant when the American Revolution was happening. With “Hamilton” I love the lyrics, they have history in them and the message is really good.”

“Country is my favorite genre of music. It’s just what I find myself singing along to.”


TKC: When do you listen to music the most?

H: “Definitely in the car, or when [I’m] working out. When I’m running it has to be faster or I’m not going to be able to keep my run going. Slower music is better when I’m grading so I don’t get distracted singing along. But in the car it’s just whatever is on the radio.”


TKC: Does music affect your mood?

H: “Yeah, there is definitely times when I listen to music and it helps get me out of a funk. If I’m feeling down I’ll put on some of my favorite songs and sing along to them and they help for sure. On the other side sometimes when I’m down I listen to sad songs. They probably make things worse, but it’s something I do.”


TKC: What is your favorite artist of all time?

H: “I love The Beatles. They’re probably not my favorite, but my parents always had The Beatles on, so I would say they would be my go-to band if I could listen to one group for the time of time.”


TKC: What is your favorite song of all time?

H: “My favorite song of all time is “Revolution” by The Beatles. It has some history to it and it’s just a really good song. I’ll put that on whenever I want to listen to my absolute favorite song.”


TKC: Do you and your students have similar music taste?

H: “No. I think there are certain songs that everybody listens to because they make it on almost every radio station. I’m definitely not listening to some newer, mainstream music. If it’s country I’ll listen to it, if it’s on 98.1 I’ll listen to it, but I’m not going out of my way to listen to music that I would say most of my students are listening to, unless they’re country fans.”