Voices of Kirkwood: December ACT edition

Daniel Kim, sports editor

High school students all across the nation await to take the December ACT on Saturday, Dec. 7. Of the students taking the December test, many of them are juniors that have never taken the test. These are three juniors who share what they feel about taking the ACT for the first time in their life.

“[ACT prep cost] a good amount of money,” Anna Carmody, junior, said. “It was more expensive than it should have been to take a test. Since not everyone can afford to take these [prep courses], and if you want to see improvements in your scores, it costs a lot. I feel that you shouldn’t be spending this much money to do well on it.”
“[I’m stressed about the upcoming ACT] a little bit,” Stuart Montgomery, junior, said. “It’s the main thing that colleges look at so I definitely want to do good on this, so I’m a little bit nervous. I think it’s a good thing to take this early though so I have enough time to prepare for the future [tests].”
“[Going into my first ACT], I’m planning to see how good I do, and it’s kind of a trial run to see what do I need to work on the next time I take it,” Owen Loomis, junior, said. “[I don’t feel] prepared enough, but I’m going to go in there with confidence. So [this test] is not that bothersome.”