KHS takes on technology addiction

Thora Pearson
Design by Lydia Cohen.

Below are quotes from KHS students and staff discussing their views regarding technology addiction and the role it has played in their life.



“I feel like I haven’t had horrible experiences with [smartphone addiction]. It has helped me in a way. I’ve made friends on social media [and] I like seeing what people do in their free time. [I] watch funny videos and take my mind off of things.” -Catherine Bettag, junior.



“The main detriment on your psyche and your mind that [technology addiction] takes has to do with social media [and] the fact that [people] are so connected now. You’ll just sit there [feeling] worried about the girl or the boy that isn’t Snapchatting you back  and if they’re ignoring you. In reality, you just need to set your phone down. [You need to] focus on what you’re doing [at] that moment, [so] you can focus on the person you’re worried about [while] conversing with them in person.” -Ross Stauder, senior.



“I don’t talk about how I have a technology addiction. Everyone has one because we all have phones. It’s drained a lot of time that I could be using doing homework or I could build myself more as a person [instead of] just scroll through Instagram or Twitter for an hour or two.” -Sophia Zimmerman, sophomore.




“I’m 100% addicted to technology. I’m on my phone all the time, it’s a problem. I try not to be on it during school, but on the weekends if I’m not with people I’m definitely on my phone. It hurts my sleep schedule.” -Hallie Klopfenstein, junior.





“I think [technology addiction] is real and it’s a big problem. I manage it [with my kids] by [monitoring] time and exposure. I’m a big advocate for limiting [violence], commercials, shows, video games and the time. They get about an hour of screen time [each] day.” -Katie Bekebrede, KHS dance coach and P.E. teacher.