Senior Profile: Natalie Scherr

Senior Profile: Natalie Scherr

Photo provided by Natalie Scherr

Natalie Scherr is obsessed with movement. As an experienced dancer, she always knew she loved learning about the way her body could move to a beat. However, it wasn’t until high school that she realized this interest went beyond dance and into the world of physics and engineering. 

“I definitely want to continue dancing in college,” Natalie, senior, said. “Everything feeds into other things. When you are learning about the shapes in dance you have to think of the physics behind that. Everything fits into each other almost as a puzzle piece to make one big picture. I think that’s why I’ve stuck with [dance and engineering].” 

Everything fits into each other almost as a puzzle piece to make one big picture.”

— Scherr

Natalie intends to stay involved with both of these passions when she leaves KHS and attends Vanderbilt University. Natalie said these unique aspects of her personality have made her a more well-rounded individual.

“Recently, I had a wrist injury, and I was researching my injury and I dived into the medical side of it,” Natalie said. “I had previously really liked engineering, [so] learning what was going on sparked [my interest even more] in the biomedical aspect.”

Natalie said one of the most influential people in her high school career has been Julie Sutfin, AP Physics teacher. Sutfin has seen Natalie’s two activities complement each other and lead to growth. 

“It’s so interesting that she can talk about dance and also the physics involved,” Sutfin said. “Dancing helps her visualize what is happening in physics and engineering.” 

Natalie has not only been inspired by others, but she has inspired many with her interests as well. According to her sister Audrey Scherr, junior, Natalie’s activities have motivated her throughout her high school career. 

“She has always loved ballet and performing,” Audrey said. “I definitely hope she continues that in college because that is her creative outlet. She does focus a lot on [academics], but also I think it is important for her to stay with that creative aspect of her [life].”