Senior Profile: Melodie Heaps

As she looked around at her classmates preparing college applications and stressing about extracurriculars, she realized college wasn’t a path she wanted to follow. Instead, Melodie Heaps, senior, decided to follow her passion, writing. It just so happens to be leading her to a writing retreat in Ireland.

During her own time or as she co-leads Ekri writing club meetings, Melodie stays connected to writing and makes it her top priority. Instead of spending four years at college, she is going right to work to focus on her writing and publishing her book.

“I was thinking about different things I wanted to do with my life,” Melodie said. “Writing was the only thing that I feel like I have always wanted to do and feel passionate about.”

Melodie has received a lot of support on this decision especially from her dad, who donated to the Ekri magazine in its earliest years to help support the club and her writing. She said her dad has always had an interest in her writing.

“Some people are going to be supportive and some aren’t,” Melodie said. “It might surprise you who’s on either side of that but at the end of the day you gotta make your own choices.”

Melodie’s co-editor Gillis Lowry, senior, talked about how excited she is for Melodie and how proud she is of her pursuing this opportunity. They have been co-editors of the writing club since sophomore year when they were asked to step up.

“If anybody should do it, it’s her because I love her writing.” Lowry said “I am hoping that will be a good career for her. I am excited on her behalf and that is such a cool thing to do.”

If anybody should do it, it’s her because I love her writing.”

— Lowry

Melodie has been a part of Ekri writing club since her freshman year. Simao Drew, English teacher and Erki writing club advisor, explains how Melodie has many traits that every writer should have, such as thick skin and the ability to learn from criticism.

“I would say to Melodie that she is a more powerful writer than she might think she is,” Drew said, “and that no matter what anyone says to keep writing.”